What saves the Gülen Movement from turning into an authoritarian, totalizing organization?

People in the Gülen Movement take part in society in many ways and within many different relationships. These inclusive and multiple affiliations link and integrate different areas of the Gülen Movement.

This therefore allows different individuals in service-networks to come into personal contact with one another. While establishing bridges between SMOs, individuals share and exchange experiences, resources and information. Private, cultural and social dimensions intersect in multiple but compatible (usually complementary) participations in the Gülen Movement. Such freedom of choice and action, with inclusiveness and flexibility, blurs boundaries between the Gülen Movement and wider society, and contributes to the growth of channels of communication, interaction and mutual trust.

This is what saves the Gülen Movement from turning into a single, authoritarian, all-powerful, totalizing, sectarian organization and prevents the development of such leadership.

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