What sort of outcomes does the Gülen Movement have?

Fethullah Gülen

The Gülen Movement is distinguished by its substantial and sustained contribution to the potential of citizens to apply their energies to discover and implement new solutions following their own development agendas. It has boosted voluntary participation, multiplied networks of committed citizens in mutually trusting relationships, pursuing, through respectful dialogue and collaborative effort, the shared goal of improving community services. As non-governmental organizations, Gülen-inspired schools contribute to the well-being and cultures of Turkey and other countries.

The Gülen Movement’s action yields new cultural, organizational and relational models, projects and responsibilities for the common good. It awakens in people the disposition to accommodate diversity and multiplicity, to reinforce solidarity and humane cooperation between different communities, and to contribute to civil, pluralist, democratic, healthy and peaceful societies.

The Gülen Movement is an agent for the accumulation of social capital. Benefiting from highly personal social relationships governed by the logic of SMOs, traditional solidarity, flexible thinking and dynamic impulse, the Gülen Movement gives hope of achieving and preserving the meaning of human behavior along with the richness of diversity in a global society.

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