Why does Fethullah Gülen support the state, even when it has been oppressive?

Fethullah Gülen asks people to be careful to respect the values and authority which the state or state organizations ideally stand for. He has spoken out against those who cause chaos, societal tension and violence in Turkey or anywhere else. He argues that while dealing with tarnished politicians, crooked party politics and corruption, people ought to pay extra attention not to erode in public respect for a state organization.

Fethullah Gülen is aware of the risks brought by a failed or failing state to a population, nation and region. For this reason, he warns that anarchic movements and activities destroy the atmosphere of peace, free exchange of ideas, and the rule and supremacy of law and justice: “I have always stipulated that ‘even the worst State is better than no State’. Whenever I voiced my opinion in words such as ‘the State is necessary, and should not be worn down’, I have never sanctified the State as some people have done. This preference is a necessity for me, because if the State were not to occupy a certain place, it is certain that anarchy, chaos, and disorder would dominate there. Then, there would be no respect for ideas, freedom of religion, and our consciences would be violated; justice would be out of the question. In the past there were times when our nation suffered from the absence of the State. Therefore, I regard supporting the State also as a duty of citizenship.”

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