In which countries are there schools? How many schools have been established? How many are universities?

Fethullah Gülen

After a moment of hesitation, Fethullah Gülen replies:

In fact, it is difficult to say the number of schools definitely. It is because, though there is a serious bond of heart between them, the Turkish firms in many countries have been acting independently of each other and without fail almost in every month, a new school is being established in one or two places. Up until now, no list or tally regarding the number of schools has been prepared; no study about the sum total has been made. Nevertheless, some newspapers have published estimates of numbers. It would not be a lie, if I say that no one knows the current numbers.[1]

Nevertheless, information about the schools abroad can be obtained from the participants of the Gülen Movement. At the time of this writing the following schools were identified:

North America

Canada: language course
Mexico: 1 school and a cultural center
USA: 5 private schools, above 50 cultural centers

South America

Argentine: cultural center
Brazil: cultural center
Chile: cultural center
Colombia: cultural center


Algeria: language course
Burkina Faso: 1 school
Cameroon: 1 school
Central African Republic: 1 school
Chad: 1 school
Congo: 1 school
Egypt: language course and student youth hostels
Ethiopia: 1 school
Gambia: 1 school
Ghana: 1 school
Guinea: 1 school
Guinea-Bissau: 1 school
Kenya: 4 schools
Madagascar: 1 school, 1 cultural center
Malawi: 1 school
Mali: 1 school
Mauritania: 1 school
Morocco: 4 schools
Mozambique: 1 school
Niger: 1 school
Nigeria: 4 schools, 1 cultural center
Senegal: 1 school
South African Republic: 4 schools
Sudan: 2 schools
Tanzania: educational complex (dispensary, complex with sports fields comprising primary and high school)
Togo: 1 school
Uganda: 1 school


Australia: 7 schools
Indonesia: 4 schools
Philippines: 4 schools


Afghanistan: 4 schools
Bangladesh: 4 schools
Burma: 2 schools
Cambodia: 2 schools
India: 3 schools, 1 language course
Iraq: 4 schools
Israel: 1 cultural center
Japan: 1 school, 5 language courses, cultural centers
Kazakhstan: 29 schools
Kirgizstan: 12 schools
Malaysia: 1 school
Mongolia: 4 schools
Nepal: 1 school
Pakistan: 6 schools, and 1 cultural center
South Korea: 1 cultural center
Tajikistan: 13 schools
Thailand: 3 schools
Turkmenistan: 20 schools
Uzbekistan: 1 school
Vietnam: 1 school
Yemen: 1 school


Albania: 4 schools
Austria: 1 language course
Azerbaijan: 12 schools
Belgium: 1 school, student dormitory, language course, and cultural center
Bosnia Herzegovina: 2 schools
Bulgaria: 3 schools
Czech Republic: 1 cultural center
Denmark: language course, and cultural center
England: student dormitory, language course, and cultural center
Estonia: 1 cultural center
Finland: 1 school, language course, and cultural center
France: cultural center, and language course
Georgia: 3 schools
Germany: 3 school, language courses, and cultural centers
Hungary: 1 language course, 1 cultural center
Italy: 1 cultural center
Latvia: 1 cultural center
Lithuania: 1 cultural center
Macedonia: 4 schools
Moldova: 2 schools
Netherlands: student dormitory, and cultural center
Norway: language course, and cultural center
Poland: 1 cultural center
Portugal: 1 cultural center
Romania: 4 schools
Russian Federation: 6 schools
Slovakia: 1 cultural center
Spain: cultural center, and language course
Sweden: cultural center, and language course
Switzerland: student dormitory, and cultural center
Ukraine: 2 schools


Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Turkmenistan

[1] Doğu Ergil’s interview with Fethullah Gülen.

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