Why is the Gülen Movement made up of service-networks?

Fethullah Gülen

The Gülen Movement exhibits a unified identity based upon beneficial services for all, and is organized in networks because the relationships in the Gülen Movement are not hierarchical, mechanical or predetermined. This way, one group or network does not impose on others a greater burden of limitations or liabilities. The networks allow a relationship of autonomy and interdependence.

Researchers in sociology have measured self-efficacy and find that the more active movement participants are, the more assertive, self-confident, energetic, and effective they are in using their capabilities, as compared to those who are less engaged in activism.

In everyday life, intimate interpersonal relations and emotional relationships with those closest to them allow individuals to make sense of their world through networks. Interpersonal interactions and affective bonds are the fundamental background to movement participation. Through the service-networks people become more able to reach out to other systems, relations, meanings, goals and interests. Without such networks, it is not possible for most people to reach out to all these on their own.

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