Democracy and the Current Situation

Democracy is a system of freedoms. However, because we have to live together with our different positions and views, our freedom is limited where that of another begins. Subjects related to the people's values, some moral norms, the nation's permanency, and the country's unity are not limits to freedoms; rather, they should be seen as criteria for using freedom. If they are not, anarchy will arise. Not even the most basic freedoms can be used in such an environment.

I don't think it's any easier to live Islam in another country than it is in Turkey. Supposedly there are Islamic regimes in Iran and Saudi Arabia, but they are state-determined and limited to sectarian approval.

Islam is a religion. It can't be called anything else. When the Islamic world was defeated by the West militarily and technologically, salvation was sought in politicizing Islam or transforming it into a political system. This resembles a modern version of Khawarijism, whereas Islam as a religion is based on enlightening the mind and brightening the heart. Thus faith and worship come first. The fruit of faith and worship is morality. Hulusi Turgut, Nurculuk, Sabah daily, 1/23-31/97

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