1. The humble and modest are highly regarded by the created and the Creator. The haughty and self-conceited, who belittle others and put on arrogant airs, are always disliked by the created and punished by the Creator.

2. Self-conceit shows a lack of sensibility and maturity. Those who are more reflective and spiritually mature attribute whatever gifts they may have to the Creator, the Most High, and devote themselves to Him with humble gratitude.

3. Humility is a sign that people has become truly human. One sign of humility is that such people do not change after obtaining a high position or wealth, learning or fame, or whatever is publicly esteemed. If any of these circumstances causes them to alter their ideas, attitudes, and behavior, they cannot be regarded as having attained true humanity or true humility. [Criteria or Lights of the Way, 9th edition, Izmir, 1996, Vol.1, pp.85–7]

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