First Training and Psychological Background

Humanity has a distinctive place among creatures. In the universe comprised of different realms and worlds, God's Names, which give existence and meaning to every thing, event, and phenomenon, manifest differently in each realm. Thus the same Name manifests one way in the social field, another way in the sciences, and still another in religion. In other words, the same truth appears in different colors, tones, and shapes in different receptacles.

In each realm, however, humanity's place is unique: Men and women serve as mirrors to God's Names, see with His vision, and hear with His hearing. They also have strength from His Power, knowledge from His Knowledge, and will from His Will. Yet there are manifestations that appear to be opposite at first glance. For example, how is eternal Mercy and Compassion compatible with eternal punishment in Hell? Every Name has its own special place and field of manifestation. As these Names are reflected in the same manner, they cause conflicting feelings to arise in each individual. Anger and mercy, compassion and the desire to punish exist side by side, and it is each individual's duty to transform these conflicting feelings into a lace of harmony.

Similarly, just as each of our five external senses has its unique function and wants to be fulfilled with its own "food," each of our internal senses and faculties has its own function and wants its special fulfillment. The mind, thought, memory, reasoning, and the ability to learn are gathered under the concept of "mental faculties." Each one has a special meaning and function for the individual in which they are found, a special area in which to operate, and an environment in which to obtain "nutrition." Similarly, each inner faculty (e.g., feelings, the heart, and the spirit) performs unique functions. To the degree that one's internal and external faculties are nurtured with their special "food" and are satisfied, people establish harmony and attain peace in their inner and outer worlds.

When the necessary relation and harmony is established between mind and heart, reason and spirit, material and spiritual, people can direct their actions within a framework of "wisdom," use such externally oriented capacities as strength and passion within certain limits, and keep them in balance. In short, establishing internal "justice"—balance and the middle, moderate way—leads to just and balanced external relations. If mind is sacrificed for spirit, or spirit for mind, or mind and spirit for strength, passion or the body, a "half" or "quarter" person will appear. Such a condition naturally will be reflected in society. Raising a complete human being displaying both internal and external balance, justice, and peace means considering all human sensations, feelings, and faculties and then training them to achieve the desired result.

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