Listening to Hodjaefendi

To understand Islamic development and growth, and how Islam rules minds and hearts in its own unique way, we must grasp the relationship between the great Muslim guides and their followers. This is the basic key to understanding the structure of Islamic society.

Human history flows in two wide streams. Those at the head of the "negative" stream are the Pharoahs, Nimrods, Neros, and Shaddads. Just as no one asks for mercy on such tyrants, they are always cursed. On the other hand, Prophets and their followers who have directed the stream of light are always mentioned with mercy. Abraham lived approximately 4,000 years ago, Moses 3,500 years ago, Jesus 2,000 years ago, and Muhammed 1,400 years ago. Billions of people have followed these suns of the firmaments of humanity. In addition, because they followed the path of the Prophets, the Imam Ghazalis, Imam Rabbanis, Bediuzzamans, and thousands of others maintained their predominance during their own lifetimes and for centuries to come, even if they were subjected to partial misunderstanding during their own times.

Ali Unal, Writer
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