The Hodja Spoke

On Wednesday evening I watched Fethullah Gülen Hodja on Channel D. If only the Hodja's views would be broadcast frequently and then spread all over our country. This is the religious knowledge we need. Knowledgeable...Sincere...Profound faith... Determined...Successful in service to others...Not using religion, business, and politics as a tool...Tied to his religion, but respectful of other religions and belief...In other words, a real Muslim...

A means for a relationship with the Creator

The Hodja says: "Religion is the relationship between people and their Creator. The feeling of religion lives in the heart's depths and on the inner world's emerald green hills. If you turn it into a display of forms, you'll kill it. Politicizing religion will harm religion before it harms a government's life." In other words, making religion a political instrument opens the way to its destruction.

N. Kemal Zeybek, Son Havadis daily, 4/21/97
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