Fethullah Hodja's Ramadan Dinner

Out of curiosity, I investigated the matter. I learned that the Foundation directors had taken precautions against "surprise guests" by arranging extra tables so that no one would be left without a seat.

The "empty places" were due to this meticulous organization. This Foundation continues to maintain its importance due to the "spiritual directorship" of Fethullah Gülen Hodja, who takes its very seriously.

Finally Fethullah Hodja came to the podium. He pointed out that the Foundation had assumed a leading role in making important advances in the name of tolerance, and that the number of similar foundations with the same purpose had increased.

"Despite advances in the atmosphere of social tolerance, a marginal group still spoils social peace by "screaming and shouting to make it appear that they are strong."

Hodja was saying, "be careful":

After drawing this tableau, Fethullah Hodja continued:

His speech and the evening were ending when newspaper reporters seeking "a little bit of politics" began asking questions. They were pulling him toward a field that he always tried to avoid:

Fethullah Hodja indicated that he had attended no political dinners to date: It seems to me that the reason why RP members feel uncomfortable with Fethullah Hodja lies hidden in these "finely tuned" words!…

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