Our Thoughts at the Ramadan Dinner

I was invited to a breaking-the-fast dinner Monday evening at the Hilton Hotel. The dinner was given by the Journalists' and Writers' Foundation, which has attracted attention in recent years by its members extraordinary contributions to enlivening the atmosphere of dialogue and tolerance in Turkey. It is under the spiritual chairmanship of Fethullah Gülen. Although it has invited me to many of its activities, until now I hadn't accepted any. That evening at the Hilton, I found the beautiful, warm, and sincere atmosphere that I had expected.

Having developed an understanding that gives importance to religious motifs, this Foundation brought about an atmosphere that didn't make me feel as a stranger.

Chairman Latif Erdogan spoke two sentences that startled me. He spoke in a way as to mean:

I arrived at the hall a short time before the dinner began. When I saw that Huseyin Dede, the general director of the Cem Foundation, was there, I asked to be excused from my table and went to his side. A little later I saw Professor Izzettin Dogan. It was interesting that the Alawi sector wasn't forgotten.

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