Ramadan Dinner of Those Whose Hands Hold a Pencil

On Saturday February 11th, more than 1,000 writers, members of the arts, and scholars met at a Ramadan dinner in the Polat Renaissance Hotel. A wonderful thing about Ramadan is that it brings together friends of the heart at such a dinner. As the time to break the fast drew closer, everyone was very quiet, as if not to disturb the moment's sanctity. Talking was done in whispered tones. Only the sweet sound of a ney (flute) from the loudpeakers filled the hall and added exhiliration to our hearts. It was as if Hazret Mevlana was there, and that the ney was "complaining of separation." However, this time it wasn't a meeting of separation but the good news of unity and solidarity. The Journalists' and Writers' Foundation was formed for this purpose. As Fethullah Hodja was going to express beautifully in his speech, it was the wish of all present that this meeting would be a "point of uniqueness." Later the Holy Qur'an…He is the First and the Last…The fast held to meet His command will of course be completed by listening to His commands…

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