The Speech of Mr. Gülen at the Ramadan Dinner in 1995

I feel very happy to attend such a meeting where people who have exchanged Ramadan greetings with love have come together. I attended this meeting to express my respect for the feelings of its arrangers, those who were invited, and those who actually came. This distinguished group, which has really touched me, in fact, enchanted me, can nourish our hopes and enliven our hearts.

Even though I don't have the right, I'm also a member of the Journalists' and Writers' Foundation. My friends ordained it and so I bowed to their will over my own and agreed to join. I ask God that they, together with similar organizations, will be able to bring together different social segments, which resemble parts of a crystal chandelier scattered here and there, and thereby reconstruct a dialogue that has disappeared and renew an atmosphere of tolerance. More than ever before, our different social sectors need to be welded together in order to pursue cooperation and agreement. If we accomplish this, we will have achieved a very important goal. Actually, our noble nation is open to this spiritually. But the media has to do this, via television and radio, so that everyone will accept others as they are. No one should be accused because of their belief, or reproached because of their religion or lack of it. I believe that the media will do this.

Turkey is surrounded by enemies. Given this, we cannot afford to argue among ourselves. Moreover, as a great man said, we must temporarily forget some focal points of controversy between Christian spiritual leaders and us and seek dialogue with them. Savages (forgive me for using this term) accomplish something by hitting and fighting, while noble and enlightened spirits believe they will realize their goals by thinking and talking. I think that we have left the period of brutality far behind. Victory in civilization and acceptance of the truth will be accomplished through persuasion. I believe that the visual and literal media will do this.

I apologize for these inadequate and unbecoming words. May the Ramadan of those who celebrate it be blessed. I congratulate your "Night of Power," and may your holidays be blessed. I offer my respects.

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