23.01.1995Gave an interview to the Newspapers Sabah and Hurriyet.
11.02.1995Attended and broke fast with the Foundation of Writers and Journalists at the Polat Renaissance Hotel.
23.02.1995Attended and broke fast with the Foundation of Writers and Newspaper Journalists at the Ankara, Hilton Hotel.
20.03.1995Attended a meeting with Mr. Bulent Ecevit.
10.05.1995Paid a cordial visit to Mr. Hikmet Cetin.
26.05.1995Received an award from the Turk Ocaklari Foundation.
09.06.1995Met a second time with Prime Minister Tansu Ciller.
15.06.1995Visited and had a meeting with Mr. Mesut Yilmaz.
24.06.1995Gave a press conference with regard to his meetings with the political leader.
02.07.1995Went to Sarayici in order to watch the Kirkpinar Wrestling matches.
03.07.1995Was a guest on the TRT television station, on Mr. Reha Muhtar's Ates Hatti program.
25.07.1995Received a thank you award from the Mehmetcik Foundation.
02.08.1995Paid a visit to the head of Parliament Mr. Husametttin Cindoruk.
13.08.1995Gave an interview to Mr. Eyup Can of newspaper, Zaman, mainly about his own "Horizon Tour".
20.08.1995Gave an interview to Mr. Oral Calislar of newspaper, Cumhuriyet.
14.09.1995Went for a check up over a heart ailment.
19.09.1995Attended a soccer match designed to benefit the children of Bosnia.
11.10.1995Designed a press conference and lectured on Ultimatum and Government in Crisis.
19.10.1995Gave an interview to a Dutch television station.
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