Are the resources of the Gülen Movement allocated among the SMOs by a central authority?

No. No single individual in the Movement or in any SMO has the right to distribute power or resources.

However, that does not imply that there are no authority structures within SMOs and institutions. The distribution of administrative power can vary within the SMOs, but the local and decentralized control of resources means that resources are not and cannot be reallocated among the collective actors of the Gülen Movement by any central authority.

All SMOs in the Movement are formally structured so that resources cannot go unaccounted for or disappear in any way. There has been no evidence to the contrary since the Movement has been around, and the resources referred to are in any case under the control and supervision of the State and legal authorities. This is one of the qualities that make the institutions and their workers trustworthy and commendable in the eyes of ordinary people as well as the authorities.

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