Does Fethullah Gülen exercise charismatic authority over the Gülen Movement?

No. In the Gülen Movement leadership is a group activity. It is based on social influence and revolves around a common task. Fethullah Gülen himself never assumes, accepts or approves of any of the features which are typical of charismatic leadership styles. There is no claim of charismatic revelation or moments, a sinless start, being born anew, being given rebirth or a new sublime life, or adulation, on or around his name. Neither he nor anyone from the Gülen Movement has ever claimed superhuman powers of perception and ability to discern “the truth.” The relationship between Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement is not based upon intense love for Gülen in person, nor upon his attributes or characteristics, but upon the collective meaning, appeal and essence of the understanding, message, thought and action of the Movement. This does not deny Gülen’s immense contribution to the thought and action of the Movement.

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