Does Fethullah Gülen profit in any way from the services provided?

Fethullah Gülen

Fethullah Gülen owns nothing and has no ambition for worldly wealth. His sincerity, ascetic life-style and example of altruism in practice have successfully motivated thousands of teachers as well as parents and sponsors. As a man of profound scholarship and wisdom, a highly gifted writer and speaker, Fethullah Gülen could well have had a very satisfying career as a community leader and author. However, he has concentrated his efforts on motivating the masses to invest in sound education, and he has led by example. He has always remained aloof from financial management of the institutions and instead encouraged their sponsors actively to oversee the use of their contributions. This has built enormous confidence, not just in Gülen’s honesty and integrity but also in that of the people employed at the Gülen-inspired institutions.

Furthermore, the students he has educated and his relatives have followed his example. Aside from never accruing any personal wealth, Fethullah Gülen is reported to have prayed for his relatives to remain poor so as not to raise any suspicion of their having gained from his influence.

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