Does the lack of conflictual activity in the Gülen Movement cause it to be passive?

Fethullah Gülen

Communication and interaction is free-flowing among individuals, networks and SMOs within the Gülen Movement. Collective judgment, sensitivity and legality are used to the full so as not to embarrass or upset participants and sympathizers of the Gülen Movement and others who are neutral to it. This is believed to be vital, especially for transnational educational services. This cooperative attitude should not be mistaken for passivity or lack of assertiveness.

In fact, through forbearance and patience, participants are able to transform conflictual potential into productive resources for and through the services they deliver. The Gülen Movement shows that mental, material, moral and spiritual transformative energies can be channeled into development without deviating into conflicts and violence. (That, incidentally, is evidence of capacity to learn from the experiences of political engagement of other collective actors, past and present).

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