How are these value incentives used in the relational service-networks and SMOs?

The Gülen Movement enables individuals to expand their cultural co-ordinates and relational networks. For example, people who did not receive an adequate education start giving bursaries to students or start subscribing to magazines and newspapers, or those who have previously had hostile or negative encounters with foreigners or non-Muslims start welcoming them for intercultural or interfaith meetings. This opportunity for inner and upward mobility is one of the incentives the Movement provides for all its members. The existence of a network of associations facilitates and supports the development of new leaders for SMOs: socialization within such networks serves as the training ground where skills necessary for the exercise of leadership can be learned. The network cohesion and values encourage the leader-to-be to assume the risks that would be associated with any position. This enhances a strong urge for social mobility among participants in service-networks.

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