How can the SMOs of the Gülen Movement be categorized?

At the time of writing the SMOs (social movement organization) of the Gülen Movement operate in the following fields and categories:

  1. Education: pre-school – kindergarten; primary; secondary, high school (normal, science and vocational); higher education – university, language courses, computer courses, university entrance examination preparation courses; study centers for all ages; student dormitories and hostels.
  2. Health: polyclinics, hospitals, health and diagnostic centers.
  3. Media: TV, radio; and daily, weekly, quarterly (religious, social, literary, scientific, popular, ecology, children) journals; Writers and Journalists Foundation.
  4. Publishing: publishing houses, printing firms, bookshops, art-design and graphics companies.
  5. Business and finance: a bank; an insurance company; an international and other regional business associations; human resources and consultation bureaus; holiday resorts and accommodation.
  6. Humanitarian aid and relief: local/regional, national and transnational aid organizations; reading halls and study centers for the poor and under-privileged; women’s clubs and foundations; cultural centers; interfaith dialogue centers.
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