How did Fethullah Gülen appeal to the masses?

Fethullah Gülen encouraged participants in the Gülen Movement to go into publishing. Some of his articles and lectures were published as anthologies. In the late 1970s a group of teachers inspired by his ideas established the Teachers’ Foundation to support education and students.

In 1979, the Teachers’ Foundation started its own monthly journal, Sizinti, which became the highest selling monthly in Turkey. In terms of genre, it was a pioneering venture, being a magazine of sciences, humanities, faith, and literature. Its publishing mission was to show that science and religion were not incompatible and that knowledge of both was necessary to be successful in this life.

Since Sizinti’s foundation, every month Fethullah Gülen has contributed an editorial and a section about the spiritual or inner aspects of Islam (Sufism), and the meaning of faith in modern life.

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