How did Fethullah Gülen's new type of community action start to become widespread?

With Fethullah Gülen's encouragement, around his discourse of positive action and responsibility, ordinary people were starting to mobilize.

They wished to counteract the effects of violent ideologies and of the ensuing social and political disorder on their own children and on youth in general. Students in the hostels also began to play a part in spreading the discourse of service and positive action. Periodically, they returned to their home towns and visited surrounding towns and villages. Talking of their experiences and the ideas they had encountered, they consciously diffused the hizmet idea in the region.

Since 1966, Gülen’s talks and lectures had been recorded on audio cassettes and distributed throughout Turkey. So the hizmet discourse was quickly becoming known nationwide through already existing networks of relations, this new type of community action, the students’ activities, and the new technology of communication.

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