Is the Gülen Movement reactionary?

In conflictual actions or networks, action is taken by simpler and small “cells” against the rules that govern social reproduction in everyday life. These cells go on to generate networks of conflictual social relations and a variety of forms of resistance. Naturally there are forms of such popular and ideological resistance in Turkey, but this activity or behavior is absent in the Gülen Movement so the Movement cannot be accurately deemed reactionary.

Fethullah Gülen asserts that conflictual or reactionary actions – or movements, no matter how powerful they are – cannot be successful in achieving their purposes because balance and moderation cannot be maintained in them. Quite the opposite, conflictual and reactionary actions prove to be very harmful as people fall into extremism. This extremism then causes strong reactions on the other side. Violence ensures counter-violence from the others, too. What is essential, what ought to be, is positive action.

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