Is there a covert system of regulations within SMOs of the Gülen Movement?

With legal constitutions, SMOs have obvious internal differentiation, functional division of labor, and limits to the area of influence; they work within a limited territory, employ mechanisms of horizontal and vertical co-ordination, and have leadership and personnel selection criteria.

They also keep written records. So, except for what is in the legal constitution of each SMO and the law of the country where it is based, there is no other system of laws and regulations that governs procedure or behavior in particular circumstances, or within a particular SMO.

There is no hidden (or informal) disciplinary procedure in any organization. However, in interpersonal social relationships, it is obvious that individuals share their perception of the issues and action. This can have social–moral influence on or implications for individuals in a specific service-network, just as in any day-to-day social relationship anywhere in the world.

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