What goals take priority in the Gülen Movement?

Fethullah Gülen

As a result of the diversity of backgrounds of the people in the service-networks, the Gülen Movement focuses on general, precise, concrete, unifying and constructive goals rather than changeable and unattainable goals and passing interests.

This focus produces within the Movement an understanding of ‘a permanent hierarchy of interests’ in society. The priorities in the Movement are education, interfaith dialogue, and non-political, non-conflictual and non-violent community services, improving oneself and developing social and cultural potential.

The pattern of development, phase and specialization may change in secondary details from country to country. However, the central theme or goal of the Gülen Movement has been never to turn into a political, ideological, oppositional, conflictual or violent movement at any time or in any location. Participants are of course never required, but they are also not allowed, to challenge the constraints established by law or general public norms: the history of the Movement so far has never shown any departure from this principle.

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