What is the approach of the Gülen Movement to cultural activism?

Fethullah Gülen does not ask individuals to remain passive recipients, just accepting whatever is fed to them from the outside. Rather, he advises them actively to seek possibilities and alternatives to construct themselves. Both means and ends must be non-confrontational, non-violent and non-coercive; they must be grounded in love of human beings and the creation. They must be based on reliable information and understanding through education and communication. And they must founded on freedom, collaboration and peace.

The Gülen Movement’s modus operandi is to fashion new meanings for social action and to serve as a vital engine of innovation. The Gülen Movement sees that the needs of the individual, culture and society, come before politics. However, this should not be in any way confused with naïve culturalism that may ignore rights and guarantees recognized by political institutions. The Gülen Movement’s action then contributes to a redefinition and re-shaping of what democracy is, can be, and ought to be.

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