What is the cost for the individual of entry to and exit from the Gülen Movement?

The low or zero cost of entry into, and exit from, project-networks means that participation can be temporary, short-term and does not demand denial or rejection of the participants' other affiliations, relationships or worldviews. Participation in a specific project might be short-term but an individual’s commitment to values and meaning in the collective action of the Gülen Movement is not. Individuals rarely go out of the Movement but offer to participate in another project. This movement from one project or institution to another is not hindered by the project-networks in the Movement if a participant wishes to do so.

The great number of other projects and networks available makes it easy for the individual to move into another service-network or project. The sharing of short-term goals means that only one segment of individual experience is placed at stake. In this way, individuals or groups of people in any service-network do not develop any false assumptions of individual failure, exit or betrayal.

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