What makes people decide to join and contribute to service networks the Gülen Movement?

Individuals perform the greatest role in the process of becoming involved in the Gülen Movement.

Prior interpersonal contact is the single richest source of movement volunteers. Relationships through social life facilitate involvement and make it easy and comfortable for individuals to join and contribute to networks of services.

Within these networks, individuals interact and engage in negotiations as they develop the frameworks of ideas and motivation that are necessary for action. People by their free will accept roles that are in accord with their individual differences and personality traits. Individuals come into these service groups with a conscious decision to change and to direct their own existence.

In these social contexts, people can discuss appropriate action, and activate material resources, cultural capital and labor. The social and cognitive processes in such contexts help develop a rationale that legitimates a project’s formation and any follow-up projects. In addition to the rationale, people also develop a belief that the project or institution and its services are truly necessary and worth all contributions that they make.

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