Which issues do Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement address?

Fethullah Gülen has spoken and written on a wide range of matters – the individual, government, democracy, religion, culture, diversity, integration, alienation, the past and future, tradition and modernity, ethical values, education, tolerance, conflict or co-operation on current events, and so forth.

He speaks and writes about issues such as the analysis of Turkish social structure, religious consciousness and the place and role of Turkey within international community, and Turkey’s right to have a peaceful and constructive say in international affairs.

Gülen’s style of speech and the way he handles these themes is special. He dwells more on what should be rather than what is. He deals with problems or crises that are plaguing Turkey, not specific people, parties or the State. Gülen discusses these issues in a simple but profound way for the common/greater good.

The Movement addresses these ‘hidden’ issues in ways that focus collective attention on the critical choices that society needs to discuss and decide, without being ideological. It seeks to educate people through valid projects with flexible strategies.

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