Feeling Like Jesus

I feel a deep affection for Fethullah Hodja.

In every age and time in the midst of grace, there are guides representing our Prophet. Unless the Islamic community shows the same allegiance to them as the Companions showed to the Prophet, they do not live their faith fully. Of course, it cannot be said that everyone who comes forth as a guide has assumed this duty to the same degree. If that were the case, Islam would not be in its present state.

In this age of conflict, disaster, and destruction, many guides have appeared to serve Islam. Each has tried to enlighten the Islamic community with the light he radiated. Like moths flying to the closest light, every believer has run to the closest light.

Some moths turn to the brightest light. I believe I have done that. I feel that the flame lit by Bediuzzaman (Said Nursi) is the brightest one. Many people fell into that flame and burned, but Fethullah Hodja, because he is a candle himself, took light from the enlightened thought and, with the illumination of that light, became a source of light himself. This is my view of him.

I believe that his associates are sincere enough to reflect the hadith: "Among my community will be a group acting on the truth in every period until the end of the world."

But together with this, I have to say that I was amazed by the awards ceremony held by the Journalists' and Writers' Foundation, of which he is the spiritual leader.

Fethullah Hodja displays Jesus' attitude. According to Muslim belief

It seems that Fethullah Hodja is giving indications of this temperament. At any rate, we are the community of the end times, and we have difficulty comprehending exactly what any action means.

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