Enmity Toward Tolerance Is a Confession of Narrow-Mindedness

Creating a foundation of tolerance among intellectuals carries priority from Turkey's perspective. Because Turkish intellectuals have split into three distinct groups, they have developed their own different concepts and are no longer to understand each other.

Some people, who have been made columnists only because they belong to a certain ideology, have sharply criticized those—both followers of the same ideology and those of different ideologies—who approach others with tolerance. The reason for this is that when a foundation of tolerance is born, there will be no work for people of poor quality. Those who have achieved position and interests simply because they adhere to an ideology, but who have no talents or works, will be left unemployed.

What would happen if worthy people in the three groups would respect one another, even if they did not accept each other's ideas? Before anything else, they would see that they are not opposed to one another, but side by side one another. In this situation, everyone would benefit from the other's positive ideas. Those who develop negative thoughts would have to forego such an approach.

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