Hosgoru…tolerans in French…musamaha in Arabic…accepting others as they are, not trying to make others look like yourself. Accepting life as it is naturally. Isn't this called harmony? Then the basis of harmony is tolerance…

There is a foundation called the Journalists' and Writers' Foundation. It carries the patent of the Zaman newspaper. The name behind it is Fethullah Gülen.

This foundation presented 1995 Tolerance Awards…

Now don't jump to these conclusions:

1. Zaman was responsible for the founding of the Journalists' and Writers' Foundation .
2. Fethullah Gülen is Zaman's "father of ideas."
3. Fethullah Gülen is one of Said Nursi's students and a Nurcu leader.
4. This tolerance is Nurcu tolerance.

Even if these thoughts come to the minds of intolerant people like myself, I have to admit, even if I feel a little jealous, that the organization is too big and too important to fit in the Nurcu canal.

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