Ramadan and New Year's Eve

Celal Dogan—Gaziantep's leftist mayor. During our university years we fought a lot; he was on the left and I was on the right. Now we are very good friends.

The only city government the Left did not lose (in the elections) is Gaziantep, and the reason is Celal Dogan's success. After congratulating me on the phone for Ramadan and New Year's Eve, Celal Dogan said:

That's great… Why should one light or celebration be the enemy of "the other"? Let everyone celebrate as they like, and light lights as they like…And live as they like…

But we are in a period of polarization. The meeting of the Ramadan illuminated messages, and the New Year's Eve lights becomes even more meaningful in such a period.

Regardless of his aim, an Istanbul mayor should have avoided such unbecoming expressions as "minarets as bayonet, mosques as barracks"…

Regardless of his aim, a Supreme Court chief should have avoided such unbecoming expressions as "those barking with spoiled blood, spoiled milk, handicapped brains and spirits"…

The words "making no concessions," which we like so much, have a different connotation in our political culture. Putting acceptance of each other aside, if we do not make concessions, how are we going to reach reconciliation and become a harmonious society?

Philosopher Professor Macit Gokberk writes:

Tolerance is the condition for social harmony in our age. In our time, liberal and reconciliatory values are necessary for every ideology, every subculture, and even the law!

President Demirel's accepting a plaque from Fethullah Gülen Hodjaefendi, who has rendered education a great service, was very appropriate. The President should attend the opening of an Alawi meeting hall and a whirling dervish ceremony… He should listen to a Kurdish song from a Kurdish folklore group.

Just as Ramadan's not being in conflict with New Year's Eve is something wonderful, all moderate and reconciliatory values are also wonderful…

I wish our motherland Turkey Happy New Year and happy tomorrows!

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