Tears are poetry whose words are written in drops,
expressing joy and grief, hope and despair.
When consumed with pangs of separation, melting like candle,
man breathes in tears and speaks in tears.

A time comes when man rejoices child-like with tears of joy,
as he sees dawn begin to break all over the world.
At another time he burns with inward sorrow, like a furnace,
when his horizons are clouded over with grief.

Tears are water of life putting out fires,
a membrane protective against the fire of Hell.
By tears ideals find their realization in the outer world;
by tears the arid world changes into Gardens.

An eye sincerely tearful is like an eye vigilant at the front.
Eyes shedding tears for God's sake do not see Hellfire.
The shedding of tears sounds the depths of desire.
Only they perceive this who sense God inwardly.

I am always gloomy with sorrowful tidings:
My loved ones are "flying away" one after another.
My feelings are hurt, my eyes filled with tears,
springs come only to terminate in autumn!

Life means hardship, and when you reach fifty-five,
desires are no more; ambitions fall like yellow leaves:
Limbs and organs become enfeebled for the unknown end,
and you feel the last stop is only a little way ahead.

On the horizon is either blood or an eternal light,
towards which believing souls walk without pausing.
Whatever is promised – happy or unhappy – will be revealed:
Some faces pitch-dark, and others bright with joy.

I am utterly at a loss, my head between my hands,
for fear that my flowers of hope should be frost-bitten:
I do not know how near I am to the final end,
but feel my spirit whispering to the Angel of Death.

We are, all together, on a way surrendered
to the music of eternity, with our spirits
like butterflies flying upward to eternity,
and yielding to the most pleasant of declines.

The spirit, like a flute, weeps bitterly a whole lifetime;
Neither its exile nor period of vanishing comes to an end…
Like Majnun, it wanders in unceasing pursuit of Him,
strained by sorrows of separation and a heart beating fast.

Shed tears, O eyes, so that the sun may rise and set
over the streams formed of the tears you let fall!
Weep so that "Niles" may flow in valleys, and fires enveloping Abraham
may be put out, and spells broken with the Staff of truth!

Weep so that the mountain said to surround the world may sunder
And water of life gush therefrom, and the dead be revived:
Weep so that the chains around the will may be broken,
And the cavalry of dawn come galloping one after the other!

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