The Generations of Hope - II

For us to experience a new nationwide resurrection is dependent on a few dozen heroes who will be the life in our bodies and the blood in our veins. A few dozen heroes who will have reached the lights of the truth beyond the horizon of knowledge, who will have controlled and disciplined the demands and desires of their body, paring these down to only the bare necessities. These heroes will always feel in their conscience that they are called to God in a transcendent harmony. They will always communicate His message, sobbing with enthusiasm, speaking with formless words and voices; they will breathe in and out with Him.

As these heroes have dedicated themselves in a willing slavery to truth from the very onset, they will never be servants or slaves to the disorderly wishes, work, and dealings of society. They are conscious of servitude to God in humility and continually act with the observation and understanding of eternity in all their acts. They will lead their life under the shower of inspirations from God. By turning to and forcing the gates of other divine gifts with every inspiration, they will feel their difference for they are blessed with turning one into thousands, and will taste at every incident of extinction, the delights, enjoyments, and pleasures of eternity.

The adventures of the lives of these heroes will be renewed within the frame of faith, knowledge, affection, love, and spiritual pleasures; their horizon of thinking will soar over the vastness which separates the mortal from the eternal. Their capital is knowledge and faith, their base the Owner of the Infinite Might, and their path the way of all the righteous servants of the Truth who have ever lived. They go forward, relying on the invincible power of religion and the surprise favors of God in the guidance of the Prophet to eternity, and so a period of apostasy, unbelief, and atheism will drown and perish in bottomless pits of unnaturalness.

Just as humanity has never lived without faith or knowledge in any period of history, so too have civilizations never been without places of worship or God. Although, by darkening their own horizon with their own hands, humanity has occasionally fallen down into the pits of faithlessness and ignorance, they have stood up with a more consistent, meaningful, speedy, dignified return from every fall, feeling their bond with the Creator more profoundly in their consciences. That is why staying and living in a vacuum of civilization, in relation to places of worship and God, and of humanity, in relation to faith and knowledge, has always been a temporary state, and will continue to be so from now on; until Doomsday and the destruction of the worlds, the thought of the places of worship and God will not be eradicated from the hearts of humanity; human beings will never be completely torn away from their Creator. Consciences are fundamentally open to God; therefore, the temporary darkening of their horizon from time to time will be like an eclipse. The light will follow the darkness, and dawn will follow the sunset; and when it is due, time and whatever is bound with it will launch into the course and orbit that are pre-destined by the irresistible pre-ordained decrees of God in eternity.

All around the world the generations of today are seeking their own essence, the life in their conscience, and the Paradise they once lost. This inclination, even to this degree, will be enough for them to find their hero and reach the line of the Truth. Once their consciences are on the course of their nature and disposition, God is perceived in everything that comes to them through their inner senses.

Moreover, atheism, which rips things from the spirit and the essence they contain and uses them for the sake of its own wishes, ambitions, and fantasies, has started to be beaten down by its own inconsistencies and even to disintegrate. During this time, the spirits that are seeking their own truth have moved into the phase of discovering their own essence. Of course, in this way people will lose their interest in the ordinary things. They will sense their inability, weakness, and helplessness as a point of reference in their hearts, and perceive the point of support and reliance (nokta al-istinad) and the point of help and assistance (nokta al-istimdad) in the depths of their consciences. Thus, their natures will exhibit extraordinariness, their willpower will rescue them from their narrowness and so they will turn to the will and commands of God, the Infinite, the Eternal.

Again in this process, faith and resoluteness, which are the greatest spiritual dynamic of success, will make everyone achieve the power of their spirit pertaining to the secrets of the divine. This power will enthuse their hope and willpower, will eliminate their disorderliness and inconsistencies, will help them cross the bridges which lead them to being themselves, and will thus enable them to reach God.

The quickest, shortest, safest, and most accurate way for human beings to reach the truth is the way of faith, which is equipped with spiritual and scientific knowledge. The soul has always achieved its most mind-boggling accomplishments and victories in this way. In a place where faith is not fed with knowledge, coercion replaces the truth and law, and one inevitably meets brute force and bullying there. Under such conditions, weapons are often resorted to, money talks, only quick-wit makes its voice heard, and hypocrisy becomes the most desirable and sought-after quality. It is impossible to reach the spirit or essence of the Creation or to observe what lies behind it in such an atmosphere.

On the other hand, our truth is tightly related to the spirit of the infinite. To sense this relationship and to perceive what this relationship promises, we, as a whole nation, have to sacrifice much. It is not possible to talk about such a relationship or connection unless we sacrifice from our individual pleasures and happiness worldly amenities and possibilities, ranks, positions and titles, and even our feelings and ambitions for spiritual prosperity. If this relation and connection are realized, tomorrow's world will be a bright, luminous world in which God is held the Most High, in which the truth will be made a crown and duly respected, and in which interest in power and self-seeking will be seen as a shame, a disgrace.

We feel that we have been on the way to such a luminous world for years. We deal neither with searching for the signs and symptoms of the awaited dawn nor with investigating magical numbers and dates for mysterious future happenings. By evaluating everything that the needle of the compass of our souls shows under the guidance and leadership of Divine realities, we will try to relate and connect ourselves to the Divine Will by means of our own willpower; we will become like those heroic people who spent everything they had on this way; we will use, spend, and sacrifice from our own lives and wealth; we will keep on walking on this way until we meet the Divine Will and what it presents and promises.

Each and every person who has a sense of serious individual responsibility will say, "I have to do this myself. If I do not do it now, to whatever extent I can, then probably no one will do it," and they will run forward to be the first to do it, to bear the flag high. They will do this without competition, without jealousy or envy, without hindering and troubling others, but rather by providing opportunities around them for others to progress. During the dark period we have experienced, some of the things we did knowingly or unknowingly have tarnished our hearts and ruined our spirits; a great majority of our people were not able to pull themselves up or shake themselves off, and thus were unable to awaken to the lights of truth in their essence. They did not reach or acquire the spiritual dynamics that express vitality, which are like water, air and the power for vegetative growth necessary for our revival and resurrection. At least nowadays, instead of searching like an ivy for something apart from ourselves on which we can cling to remain upright and survive, by bringing out our potential power with all its relationships and ties with the beyond and the higher realms, by relying on Him, we continue walking toward Him.

To reach such a standpoint where we can see all, hear all, hold and take away all, and evaluate with a reasoning that is open to inspiration is dependent on revising and renewing this potential power and connection. In short, you never seek the spirit and essence which carries you to existence outside of yourself. Bend your head and listen to your conscience and, by using your essence, your entity like a magnifying glass you will start to travel in the direction of existence from your own essence.

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