About Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement

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Does the Hizmet Movement alienate some Islamic communities by denying their opportunities within the public domain? fgulen.com
Why does the Hizmet Movement so strongly object corruption and black money? fgulen.com
Is there a “Parallel Structure” entrenched within the government? Has the Hizmet Movement infiltrated the government? What is the inside story to the unsound claims such as “terrorist organization” and “gang”? fgulen.com
After Fethullah Gülen’s demise what will happen to the Hizmet Movement, how will it continue and move forward? fgulen.com
What does Fethullah Gülen own? How does he support himself financially? fgulen.com
In the recent past you were side by side with Erdoğan, but now you are highly critical of him, why is this so? fgulen.com
Fethullah Gülen and the Hizmet Movement from a global perspective fgulen.com
Why do some critics see the Gülen Movement as antagonistic? fgulen.com
Are Fethullah Gülen and Hizmet secretly working toward the foundation of an Islamic state? Fethullah Gülen
Did the February 28 Process provoke the Gülen Movement into a situation of crisis or conflict? Fethullah Gülen
When the Gülen Movement participants define their kind of altruistic behavior as “competition for the good or better,” what do they mean? fgulen.com
Is the Gülen Movement closed off from the world? fgulen.com
Is the Gülen Movement’s understanding of cultural values and history a kind of regressive utopianism? fgulen.com
What is Gülen’s attitude to commemorating or celebrating events and people of the past? fgulen.com
Does Fethullah Gülen propose a return to Ottoman patterns? fgulen.com
What does Fethullah Gülen mean when he speaks of a “renaissance”? fgulen.com
Do participants see Fethullah Gülen as a kind of “charismatic” leader? fgulen.com
What stops the Gülen Movement from becoming a cult or sect? fgulen.com
Are there any grounds on which the Gülen Movement can be described as a sect? fgulen.com
Is the Gülen Movement’s innovative potential subversive? fgulen.com
Is the Gülen Movement subversive? fgulen.com
Is the Gülen Movement trying to change the rules of the political system? fgulen.com
Is the Gülen Movement an extreme right-wing attempt to defend the social order? fgulen.com
Is the Gülen Movement reactionary? fgulen.com
Has the Gülen Movement ever turned to direct action? fgulen.com