About Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement

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How do the JWF platforms differ from other sources of information? fgulen.com
How does this generation and dissemination of ideas, information and knowledge help society? fgulen.com
What is so special about the approach of the JWF Platforms, Fethullah Gülen and Hizmet Movement? fgulen.com
How do the outcomes of the platforms contribute to societal well being? fgulen.com
Do the institutions outside Turkey have any effect on Turkey’s foreign relations? fgulen.com
How successful are the schools? fgulen.com
What was Fethullah Gülen’s response to the violence and terror of the 1980s in Turkey? fgulen.com
Why had an autonomous civic culture not developed in Turkey by the 1980s? fgulen.com
What was the response of the Turkish people to the 1980 coup? fgulen.com
What form did his early education take? fgulen.com
What was Fethullah Gülen’s education and training during his youth? fgulen.com
What were Fethullah Gülen’s formative experiences in the development of his own leadership? fgulen.com
How did Fethullah Gülen raise the funds for the services in the 1970s? fgulen.com
Did Fethullah Gülen make any contribution to the lives of people outside Turkey at that time? fgulen.com
What is Fethullah Gülen’s stance on political issues? fgulen.com
How was Gülen treated by the Turkish state during his service as imam? fgulen.com
Did the arrests frighten Fethullah Gülen and those around him into reducing their activities? fgulen.com
What place can a faith-inspired movement like the Gülen Movement have in a pluralist democracy? fgulen.com
Why does Fethullah Gülen support the state, even when it has been oppressive? fgulen.com
If the Gülen Movement is not oppositional, how can it be effective as a social movement? fgulen.com
How does the Gülen Movement maintain continuity at the same time as progress and advancement? fgulen.com
How did Fethullah Gülen judge the hyper politicization of nonpolitical issues in Turkey? fgulen.com
The Gülen Movement has clear effects on Turkish society, so how can it be said to be non-political? fgulen.com
Who was Said Nursi? Why did he become famous? fgulen.com
What keeps the Gülen Movement’s autonomous networks together so that they are one movement? fgulen.com