Fethullah Gülen Chair in the Study of Islam and Muslim-Catholic Relations

Official opening ceremony was held at the Australian Catholic University on 23 November 2007. Fethullah Gülen sent a message to the inauguration. The message is as follows:

Professor Peter W. Sheehan AO

Australian Catholic University
40 Edward Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

Dear Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter W Sheehan AO;

I would like to thank you for your invitation to the launch of the Chair in the Study of Islam and Muslim-Catholic Relations at Australian Catholic University.

I am deeply touched that you have chosen to name the chair in my honor but I must express my reservations about this. I feel it is important that educational services and interfaith dialogue activities carried out by many people should not be attributed to one person alone. It is important that everyone who contributes to dialogue efforts and activities, to rapprochement between cultures and civilizations, and to the principle of respecting people as they are should be acknowledged and applauded.

I am sure that the success of the chair and the department will not be measured by its introduction of one person or a particular service movement but by its service to all communities and humanity as a whole.

I very much regret that I will be unable to attend the ceremony because of failing health. I once again express my thanks and appreciation to all those involved in the initiation of this educational project with such great potential benefits.

Yours faithfully

M. Fethullah Gülen

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