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Do Not Believe Them, Do Not Be Fooled by the World, Do Not Be Late to Help

By God’s permission, let us walk on the path we consider right, let us not be discouraged to do our service, and even if we face challenges along the way, let us never stumble and stop.

Or it is possible that when people see a slight zigzag in us, they might think, ‘I wonder if the goals of this movement were something else?’

Service to humanity without having any worldly expectations is very important.

It is the pinnacle of servanthood.

It is very important to not expect any profit in return for our service and to not incline towards any worldly gains.

It is possible that while sincerely serving we may face various challenges.

However, if we fall into worldly expectations and set a precedent for subsequent generations that ‘That can be done like this as well’, we will be terrible examples for the future and the ultimate goal of this struggle will be darkened and tainted.

May God protect us from it.

Until today, people with their own expectations have never contributed to the long term benefit of society.

Yes, this discipline is very important:

Even if it is for religion, people who have tied their service to financial expectations, cannot provide evidence of their long term influence, those people have not succeeded.

The ones who have constantly been successful and have won the pleasure of Almighty God are the ones who have turned down any worldly gain and benefits while walking on the right path.

Someone that you know well and someone I repeat very often, whom I will never tire of repeating and I hope you will never tire of repeating as well, is the noble Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him.

If he had been raised at a time when the Prophetic chain was continuing, he would have been one of them.

The Loyal and Faithful...

As is known, above worship there is ‘servanthood’; above servanthood there is ‘ultimate devotion’, ultimate devotion is linked to renouncing the delights and allure of this world.

And then, at the pinnacle of renouncing, if there is anything above love and ‘Divine Love’, it would be ‘loyalty’; the person who is loyal to their ‘Divine Love’ is among the most desirable.

Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him, was eminent in this regard.

During his noble life, he was able to overcome 11 large terrorist movements, 3 of whom emerged before his time and 8 that he encountered during his tenure.

Consider ISIS, or Al-Qaeda, or you can think of any other; he overcame all of them, by God’s permission, with a minimum amount of blood spilt.

You may ask, ‘I wonder how long did this take; 50 years, or 100 years?’

We (Turkish people) have been trying for 30 years, 40 years, but have not made a single step in solving the issue.

All we have done is aggravated hatred and enmity, instead of bonding with us and sharing the same desires and aspirations that we have, we have allowed them to go astray and allowed them to become playthings of other desires and ambitions.

It is as though we have fermented hatred and grudges within them.

This is the result of 30 to 40 years’ worth of combat with all of your mechanised units, military, administrative, political and economic powers.

Well, we went over the hills, down through dales, and across the plains, a distance as long as a needle.

They used to say this at the beginning of children’s tales, over hills, through dales, looking back and sadly the distance is the same as that of a needle.

Forty years...

Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him, overcame eleven events in two years, three months and about ten days.

How did he do it, with what power?

He overcame those seditious events and lost less lives than the number who died in the fake coup attempt in Turkey.

This is because he was never attached to worldly desires.

When he passed away, I swear to God, he did own his own house.

In particular, when he was chosen as the Caliph, he was getting by looking after somebody’s sheep.

It was five-six kilometers away from the centre of town.

One day, people came and said:

‘When you are away at work, the administration is not functioning properly, let us provide you with a wage’, to this he replied, ‘I cannot take payment while I serve my people and humanity.’

They insisted and he said ‘If so, provide me a wage that matches what the average person needs to get by.’

A true believer...


If you wish to believe, believe these people.

For God’s sake, do not believe the people of hypocrisy, who used their services as a means of worldly benefits and today live a luxurious life in palaces when they were once dwelling in a slum.

Moreover, look carefully at those people who took advantage of their service for worldly interests and benefits, who went from slums to palaces, who formed fleets of ships when they did not have anything to begin with, they are examples of statues of filth from head to foot.

All the things they do are the things they ‘appear’ to be doing.

They have done nothing; they are shackled to financial gains and benefits, prostrating to the world.

In words of the Qur’an, ‘No, No!

You (people) love and prefer what is before you,

and abandon that which is to come later (the Hereafter)’ (Al-Qiyamah 75:20-21).

You chose the immediate over the Hereafter; you knowingly chose the worldly life over the Hereafter.

You have abandoned God, you have abandoned the Messenger of God.

Even if you are in a place of worship, if you look as though you are making a pilgrimage to Mecca, if you look as though you are fasting, you are so far away from them.

The noble Abu Bakr did not have any other income.

They insisted; and he accepted a wage.

But he did his own research.

That the average person subsisted on little was able to get by on ten cents.

‘Yet I receive fifteen cents’, he thought that this was excessive.

He put anything that was extra into a jug, every day; he put aside any money that he thought was excessive.

Before he passed away, amongst requests in his will was the jug:

‘Pass this money on to the next caliph after me, the contents of the jug belongs to the treasury,

I cannot spend it on myself’.

Let this be an example for those who spend millions of dollars frivolously, who travel in extravagant cars and planes, so that may realise how they have been led astray.

When the jug was opened in front of the noble caliph, Umar ibn al-Khattab and he saw the cents left.

There was also a note left in the jug.

When Umar saw this, he could not hold back his tears,

and said: ‘You left us no opportunity to live like a true Muslim.”

The second caliph, the noble Umar, may God be pleased with him, followed a similar path in this world.

The noble Uthman, had financial security in Medina as well.

But he, like the others, was as devoted.

When explaining the notion of renouncing worldly pleasures for Gods good pleasure, Bediüzzaman, says, ‘to depart from the world in heart but not in practice’.

The noble Uthman left the world in this manner.

When God’s Messenger went on an expedition, the noble Uthman donated five hundred camels without hesitation.

And the noble Ali, may God be pleased with him, lived a very poor and modest life.

At his time, the Muslim world was twenty times the size of Turkey.

He, was the head of the state.

Everybody mentions this, Bediüzzaman also does.

He ties this to his extraordinary character and says:

‘He would wear winter attire in summer,

Thus, causing him to sweat profusely in the hot country.

And in winter at times he would wear a summer garment, causing him to tremble from the cold.’

One narrates, from the book Social Justice in Islam, and in another treatise called In the Shadow of the Qur’an:

Seeing the noble Ali wearing winter garments in summer, people suggested for their caliph to wear garments suitable for summer.

In response to that, he said ‘But how can I buy it?

I don‘t have that type of money to dress according to the weather’.

I ask of you earnestly, doesn’t the Pride of Humanity, peace and blessings be upon him, ask, ‘Follow the path of mine and of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs.

Hold on to this path, as if holding on securely with your molar teeth?’

‘So it is upon you to be on the path of my Sunnah (tradition) and the Sunnah of the Rightly Guided Caliphs. Bite on to it with your molars,’ Actually, biting ‘with your molars’ is an idiom and refers to holding onto something firmly.

‘Walk on their path and hold onto them as though you would hold onto my sound and authentic hadith and Sunnah.

This is the advice of the Messenger of God for those who are on the straight path.

Again, I repeat:

Let them appear religious and hold the qualities of a religious person, but if one is expecting a return for the things they have done for the people and the faith, for God’s sake, for the sake of our noble Prophet and the sake of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali, I beg you do not believe in them.

Do not believe in those people for they themselves are liars.

If they, on the road to serving their nation, have moved from ramshackle homes to palaces, they are the essence of hypocrisy.

Do not believe.

For God’s sake, do not believe.

For the sake of the noble Prophet, do not believe.

They themselves are hypocrites.

They are no different than Abdullah ibn Ubay ibn Salul.

Ibn Salul hid his disbelief after a certain period of time.

Initially, he opposed Islam openly but realised shortly after that that was not the way to proceed and said ‘I believe’.

There has always been people who were through their innocence, have followed their leaders like flock mentality.

You cannot call them a ‘congregation’ nor can you call them an ‘association’; they can only be called a ‘flock’.

Whatever one says they will repeat the same.

If they start calling white black, they will agree. If they start calling it blue, they will too.

Within a year they will shift their allegiances fifty times, and they will drag their flock with them on fifty new paths.

If they are not hypocrites, Ibn Salul can never be called one.

Indeed, you accept his hypocrisy because when God’s Messenger intended to attend his Funeral Prayer, a verse was revealed.

He knew he was a hypocrite but he only wanted to attend because Ibn Salul’s son had called him.

Because his son Abdullah was one of the Companions, who attended the Battle of Badr.

But as the noble Prophet is walking to the funeral, God revealed: ‘And never do the Funeral Prayer over any of them who dies, nor stand by his grave’ (At-Tawbah, 9:84).

‘And do not observe the Funeral Prayer for those who died while they were defiantly disobedient.’

Thus the Messenger of God turned back.

They were the lofty morals of God’s Messenger.

The Qur’anic verse: ‘You are surely of a sublime character, and do act by a sublime pattern of conduct’ (Al-Qalam, 68:4).

And God states:

He had manners to that of, but not equal to God, and he acted to the extent his character allowed. He ‘mannered himself with the manners of God’.

Before the Unique One of All Time and Space, peace and blessings be upon him, passed away, his armor was taken as a pledge in return for a small alimony; please, tell me what does this teach us?

The Messenger of God borrowed some money to support his family before he passed away.

He borrowed some money from an individual, possibly a Jew, and gave his armor as a pledge in return.

Remember how the Ottomans brought his trusts including his blessed hair, even his blessed scent and placed them in the Topkapi Palace. Nowadays, when people see a strand of his hair somewhere, inside a bottle, they kiss the bottle on blessed nights and send peace and blessings upon the Messenger of God.

Yes, his armor is so valuable that one should bow in front of it.

He lends it as a pledge to someone in order to borrow some money to maintain his household affairs.

Whereas, the Holy Qur’an states in the Chapter Al-Anfal, ‘And know that whatever you take as gains of war, to God belongs one fifth of it,

and to the Messenger, and the near kinsfolk, and orphans, and the destitute, and the wayfarer (one devoid of sufficient means of journeying)’ (Al-Anfal, 8:41).

Whatever you take as gains of war.

Indeed the gains that came from Bahrain were so much that they could fill a whole mosque.

They gains impressed him so much that he expressed his worry with the following phrases; ‘I do not worry about the so and so enemy to fall upon you.

But I worry about you fighting with each other over these spoils.’

But again ‘one fifth of the gain’.

He took one fifth of the gain but he distributed it.

Sometimes, three hundred people would appear simultaneously in Suffa (in Medina). Their supervisor, the lion of Daws, Abu Hurayra, may God be pleased with him, would take care of the poor.

If he wished, he would be able to invoke God to transform a drop of water into an ocean.

However, he did not incline towards the world even for the split of a second; and when he was departing for the Hereafter, he refused the world; he, my master, said ‘I turned away from both worlds, I don’t have a home anymore’ and walked to his Creator in such a state.

He was like this in his day to day dealings as well.

Yes, if we look back, they lived liked this and departed for the Hereafter in such a state.

If they are examples for us, they left the world in debt.

Leaving this world without a house...

Passing a lifetime in a small cell, in a small cell...

In a small cell, during a period where war booty and gains were in abundance...

Such that, the wives of God’s Messenger, our blessed mothers.

I would like to include as a side note:

If God offers me a place near them in the Hereafter, I will be looking forward to place my head under their feet’ and I say; ‘My Lord, please do not deprive me from this’.

Those mothers of ours, were worthy of him, peace and blessings be upon him.

Indeed, no other would be worthy of him.

They were worthy of him and his vision.

They flourished in such an atmosphere while Divine revelation rained upon them and they grew tall like cypress trees in terms of their inner worlds.

But nevertheless, they were human.

Our mother Aisha says:

‘Sometimes we would see the new moon and how 29 or 30 days had just passed.

And another crescent moon would be born, and then the cycle would end again.

And yet another crescent moon would rise, and end, and still in our household a pot of food would not boil.’

They ask her, ‘How do you get by?’

And she answers:

‘With the two black things.’

In Arabic, sometimes things are described with a metaphor.

Here, the ‘two black things’ refer to water and dates. So she is saying, ‘We feed ourselves with water and dates’.

I swear on my life, our noble Prophet and his wives who were so close to him, spent their lives in such conditions.

Just once, a thought crossed their minds and the ‘ila’ incident occurred.

Our Prophet said to them: ‘If you desire this world, then you may leave here for somewhere where you may be more comfortable’.

In our mother Aisha’s words, she said, ‘I said what I said and all the other wives after me said the same thing.’

‘To choose this world?

How can we even consider such a thing O Messenger of God?

We will continue to live and be next to you as we are now.’

The believer of the believers or the trusted one of the believers, peace and blessings be upon him, spent this life in this way.

And his close circle was no different. I spoke about the four great ones, may God be pleased with them.

It is a lie, it is a lie, it is a lie...

Every word and action of the enemies of the Hizmet who have allied themselves with yesterday’s Maoists are exaggerated lies.

Do not be deceived by the deceitful world and its deceitful slaves; walk in the path of the Prophets.

If this is the path of the Prophets, then it means those who do not walk on this path and do not spend their life as he spent his life, are pathless and corrupt and have separated from him.

Do not believe them; please, do not believe them.

If you believe them, God will question you about it.

They are liars. They are different yesterday and completely different today.

With the tools that we have today, it has been documented till today; they have lied and acted treacherously on about 300 to 400 occasions.

To believe these lies would be to insult your own intelligence, and to disrespect your conscience and make a mockery of your values and morals.

Walk on the pure and pristine path you know with no hesitation.

It is not my place to tell you to do this, but with your permission, I am telling you:

Walk, with God’s consent and beneficence.

Walk, and leave behind no worldly possessions.

Yes, if you pursue worldly objectives, you will gain nothing in the sight of God. You will be remembered and cursed just like Amenophis, Hitler, Saddam and Qaddafi.

With that being said, some people might be involved in trade, they will earn their living through legitimate ways.

This happened; those devoted people strove and founded schools.

They were not satisfied with founding schools in Turkey; they founded schools, universities, prep schools and thousands of boarding houses all over the world.

In these places, essentially, they represented the lenient, graceful and sublime moral dimension of Islam around the world and caused people to like Islam.

They made the people say, ‘If there is a religion in this world, it is this one’.

However, the Devil’s accomplices are trying their best to destroy what your friends established in the face of so many hardships and sacrifices.

Here is the recent story you have heard:

In order to take this humble man back to the country, they offered fifteen million dollars to somebody and they promised: ‘There will be more to come’.

‘Fifteen million dollars’, right?

It is in the news.

Shame on your dignity!

The Devil would not make such a offer, let alone a Muslim.

I wonder if whether the Devil whispers these suggestions to them or do they whisper evil to the Devil.

I say this with sincerity because it is stated in the Qur’an: ‘We have set against every Prophet a hostile opposition from among the satans of humankind and jinn,

whispering and suggesting to one another specious words, by way of delusion’ (Al-An’am, 6:112).

Some of those human satans, by combining a variety of different writers and embellishing certain speakers, using their bought and paid media, television and different agencies try to indoctrinate the public.

In a way, they inspire a certain type of evilness and their human and jinn counterparts that the Devil would be proud of.

They consult with one another.

‘What shall we do?

Even if they are yesterday’s Maoists, let us join forces with them.

Even if yesterday they were insulting our religion, let us join forces.’

Among them:

They collaborate with people, who say ‘Do not believe in a book that was “supposed” to have been revealed fourteen centuries ago’—this has appeared in the news—and they say: ‘Yes, you are doing a good job by forming alliances with such people!

And we support you in the goals you wish to achieve.

March on.

The field is now yours.

Destroy everything in your path.’

And those who treat you with enmity are today acting in accordance with their guidance.

On the other hand, you have people who, when offered the world and all that exists within it, push it away with the back of their hand, saying, ‘Goodness gracious, why would you offer me this?’

Yes, I urge you to recall the story of the son of the noble Ibrahim Adham collapsing in front of him.

‘My Lord!

If it is my son who comes between You and I, take him this very moment’, he says.

Yes, these are the words of someone who denied all of the attractions of the world, someone who was filled with love for Him.

And then you have ‘lovers’ above this who, in a way, even regard the desire for the partners and palaces of Paradise as discourtesy to God.

So, what is their trouble?

‘It is Paradise that the ascetic devotee desires in his heart.

The lover with an anguished heart desires only the Beloved Owner of Hearts.’ ‘God!’, they exclaim.

‘O God!

If I will not be blessed with Your presence, if I won’t bend double in respect or prostrate before You, what could be the importance of Paradise?’

But truly, Paradise is not a trivial thing.

We always say in our supplications:

‘My Lord, through the intercession of the most distinguished of the distinguished Prophet, out of consideration for his pure and unblemished family and by virtue of his ever-righteous Companions, grant us Paradise along with your righteous servants.’

After all, observing the Divine Countenance and God’s good pleasure will be at that observatory (in Paradise, on the sacred slopes on Fridays).

And so you too will seek it.

No matter what level of servanthood you are at, for instance, if, like simple imitators, your servanthood is confined to the framework of mere ‘worship’, you will still seek it.

The servants of imitation, you will seek it, for it is with what life on the other side begins.

If you practise within the circle of devoted servanthood to God, you will still seek it as, in a way, ascetic devotion requires it.

Those who, with the back of their hand, refuse the world and all that lies within and retort ‘You are insulting me!’ when offered it.

Even further, in the same manner as Bediüzzaman, those who even react to being praised and are able to say, ‘I do not like myself; nor do I like those who like me.’

Yes, this is a revolt against admiration.

‘I do not like myself; nor do I like those who like me.’

Foolish people who mention us with praise, applaud us in our faces and who rise to their feet when we enter their presence.

‘Do not stand up to venerate me as the Persians stand up for their elders,’ instructs the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him.

These were his words to those who set about to stand up for him.

He strictly prohibited anyone from standing up for him:

In other words, ‘Do not rise to your feet like people who, ignorant about their religion, stand up for those whom they regard in high esteem’.

When a stranger enters the room they say, ‘Is that him?’; because the manner in which the Messenger of God presents himself is no different than the rest of the people.

May I sacrifice all I have for you...

Is it even possible to dislike any of his aspects?

His every aspect can be detailed in volumes of books.

This is how my master lived.

Some say ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of God’; they accept him as their master, but when you observe their way of life, you notice they are being guided by Satan.

They only mention the Prophet’s name with their tongues; they are in fact far from God.

Even if they call themselves ‘Muslim’, I repeat, it is a lie, it is a lie, it is a lie.

A lie based upon another lie.

In the words of Ziya Gökalp, ‘a threefold lie’.

‘O seeker of truth, once you have found the truth don’t create dispute for the greater truth; for good becomes great on the path of unity.’

God Almighty states:

‘But unite for goodness and virtue and to fear from disobedience to God and help each other to be in the guardianship of God and reverent piety towards God.

Rather, help one another in virtue and goodness, in righteousness and piety, and do not help one another in sinful, iniquitous acts and hostility.

In all your actions keep from disobedience to God in reverence and piety for Him.

Surely God is severe in retribution’ (Al-Maidah, 5:2).

Yes, in Surah Al-Ma'idah it is said, ‘Agree upon and assist each other with Godliness and piety towards God.

Do not agree upon and support each other with wrongdoings and hostility.’

The word ‘ta’awun’ mentioned in the verse is in the ‘tafa’ul’ mode.

This mode expresses the verbs that take place between two or more people.

‘Ta’awun’ refers to the act of two or more people coming together to reach a consensus.

From this standpoint, it means: ‘If you are two or three people, agree upon virtue and God-revering’.

If you are ten people, help one another in virtue and God-revering. If you are a hundred, thousand or a million people, help one another in virtue and God-revering, agree upon doing good and help each other in this direction, which is the grand purpose of life.

Assist each other if the things you do align with the spirit of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and if the path you tread is the path of the Prophets and the Rightly-Guided Caliphs.

By the way, you may have different thoughts.

I believe, as expressed in the section “On Brotherhood” in The Risale-i Nur Collection, instead of falling into dissension, when necessary we should renounce our own opinions.

Because in allegiance there is ‘goodness’ and ‘peace’ is better than dispute.

This again is a key word belonging to the noble master Bediüzzaman.

(He says:

‘When pursuing what is better or truer leads to dissension, seek consensus on what is good and true.

Such consensus is always preferable to dissension.

What is good and true sometimes turns out to be better and truer than what, in the abstract, appears to be better and truer.’

If you show that alliance is something that is ‘beautiful’, and fall into dispute with the ‘perfection’, then for now put aside ‘perfection’; because there is something better than the ‘perfection’, and that is the alliance in the heart of the believers, peace, and the principle of solidarity among them.

The principle of solidarity, at the same time, is a matter that is explained in another occasion.

In the words of the Bediüzzaman, ‘good organization of labor and arrangement of working hours, profitable cooperation, and internal security and mutual trust’ is very important.

These are three key words given to the believers; it can unlock even tight rusty locks, with the will and grace of God.

For instance, if you are planning a career for yourself; you should consider these three principles with dignity and consideration.

Take into consideration the importance of solidarity.

One friend would have very good writing skills.

The other one would know books so well as though he reads them from their contents.

And the other would know how to work effectively in this regard.

One of the many ways to guide our brothers and sisters in these matters and to inspire in them the need to keep the principle of solidarity.

This is not our real issue;

I leave this to your comprehensive understanding and capabilities.

In times of trouble and calamity, the thorns of accusations are plentiful; don’t be the ones that give water to the thorns, look to be the ones who with hands together give the water of life to the neglected dry flowers, giving them life and allowing their roses to grow.

Till this day, God has given you much success in many important aspects involved in this service.

Your friends have spread all over the world like seeds and seedlings.

If they were like seeds in all the places they went to, they have strived to become sprouts; if they were seedlings, they strove to become like cypress trees, by God’s will and grace.

And have been the means to spiritual nourishment for many.

God has provided these favours.

Now for the first matter:

The principle of ease in solidarity can become a primary method and basis to counter the possibility of stagnation in our efforts.

This type of solidarity...

As conditions have slightly changed, as some obstacles and barriers have been placed in front of the Hizmet by some traitors, your strategies should once again, be reconsidered, ‘not like that, like this’ etc. should be said.

And you should continue to serve with solidarity and unity, by not dwellings on each other’s faults.

During times of calamity and misfortune, the thorns of accusation and blame grow.

Satan provokes the thoughts of ‘They made a mess of it, they were unsuccessful’.

It is in the nature of humankind; a human, with belief, insight, wisdom, will put their foot down on these thoughts, and control them.

However in these critical times, accusations and blaming will appear like zombies and influence us.

By turning a blind eye to those faults, in fact, care needs to be taken with the solidarity and unity between brothers and sisters.

Bediüzzaman mentions six or seven foundational principles, when ‘agreement and unity’ are required, division and arguments over trivial matters, is not something approved by the Qur’an, the Authenticated Sunnah, sound judgement, or religion.

In my opinion, at the current moment, not dwelling on these trivial matters, not blaming others and not accusing other is very important.

Accusation is a legal term.

Avoiding accusation...

By accusing others, some people want to get out of these difficult situations.

Try whatever you may, but in the eyes of God the nature of everything is known, you will be dealt judged accordingly.

May God protect us.

Another matter related to solidarity is:

Today so many people have been inflicted with tyranny by various means.

As I had mentioned before, there are tens/hundreds of thousands of people that have been inflicted with ill-treatment, oppression, deprivation and discharge.

Discharged from very important positions, deprived, distanced from their own position, in the words of the old ‘have come to a state of begging for bread’, people whose children can’t find daily sustenance.

Our noble Prophet states:

‘One, who does not share the troubles of the Muslims, is not one of them.’

In other words, he is not a sincere Muslim.

In that case, we, with the philosophy of Abu Bakr, ‘Whatever everyone else is eating, the same portion is due for us’ and in the words of Bediüzzaman, ‘There is permission to taste, but not to be full.’ ‘That is all.’ We should say this and we should act accordingly.

Apart from that, anything that remains in our hands we should say, ‘I wonder how we can deliver this to our friends.’ This is the kind of unity; this is the kind of support.

They were exposed to punishment for the sake of noble ideas which they have in common with you and for your common vision and grand purpose of life.

As a certain individual says: ‘Those who were clever fled abroad; the others were foolish enough to fall into our hands.’

I am in awe of your logic and your mind!

Those people he calls ‘foolish’ are the ones

who are self-sacrificing and heroic.

You are the heroes of compassion, who do not and cannot hurt any living creatures; it is their betrayal trying to show the Hizmet as a terrorist organisation by conducting evil schemes together with evil people.

God will punish those oppressors, as He is God, He does as He wills.

You have not even stepped on an ant, not deceived a fly, you have always lived like this, and you are living in this manner way as well, and you always will.

You will not step on an ant.

I am confident to say this,

for this is our belief and our philosophy of life.

Once, a fly next to me was struggling,

I am not sure of how long they live,

so I asked and a friend told me that ‘Their lifespan is only three days’.

I could not accept this.

So, one of our friends went wisely and checked it online, their lifespan was three months, they live for three months.

It had lived its three months, struggling now next to me.

Believe me, I was observing my Prayer, it got caught by my eye, and the plight of the fly took over my Prayer, I always thought of helping it:

‘Shall I end my Prayer and feed it?

Shall I feed it with sweets or some water?

Something like this.’

After I finished my Prayer, I looked at the fly trying to flutter but it could not move, maybe it thought that ‘If only I could take off’, but I saw it, it could not even overcome the obstacle at the edge of the mat.

I opened up a date and took the seed out of it, and put the fly on top of the soft part of the date.

I hoped that it would eat and gain strength.

I did not know how much longer it lived.

After I finished my supplications and recitations, I looked again, the fly and the date were still there.

I tried the same thing one more time.

I left it like that and I went outside.

When I returned it was dead.

Then, I told our friends about my feelings and they said, ‘Its lifespan was only that much, it was not in your hands’.

Am I able to translate your emotions with my feelings?


This is what we are.

It is their expression of betrayal and satanic thoughts trying to make the Hizmet a terrorist organisation by various schemes.

May God endow them with understanding.

May He include them in the Straight Path.

May He allow them to ‘become a Muslim’ by stopping them from ‘looking like a Muslim’.

Yes, I'm going to say one more thing:

May God destroy all terrorist organisations.

May God also destroy all terrorist states.

And He surely will.

Yes, on one hand, the Hizmet must continue.

We must support each other.

We must connect to each other like the blessed stones in a dome.

We must acquire a firm, united structure.

We must become blind to the shortcomings of each other,

to turn our gaze away from each other’s faults.

We must act with the good conduct of the Pride of Humanity, peace and blessings be upon him.

In this current time, it is necessary to act kindheartedly.

If your heart is like a rose, the words that you speak will smell of rose water.

And all whom you meet will in a sense, think of your presence as a perfumery.

You will not mislead the people, with the consent and beneficence of God.

And from another perspective, this is also solidarity.

If your brothers and sisters are suffering, and finding contentment in bowls of soup, I would ask of you earnestly to send them the plate of rice you possess. This is the exact time for it.

This is also a demonstration of thankfulness to God, as God has affirmed:

‘If you are thankful (for My favors), I will most certainly give you more; but if you are ungrateful, surely My punishment is severe’ (Abraham, 14:7).

And, ‘If you are thankful, it is certain that I will increase My favors over you.

But if you ignore My blessing, and act in ungratefulness, My punishment is severe.’

I wish that it does not happen to you, that it does not happen to any true believer.

In fact, I would not want it to happen to anyone.

I would not even want those who oppress you to face the torment of Almighty God in the afterlife.

So, if God is to do anything to them for what they have done, let it be done in this world.

If He is to collapse their worlds over their own heads, let him do it in this world.

However my overall sentiment is as such:

‘I am imploring You, my Lord! Do not let me see them burning in Hell, for I have no heart to stand such a thing.’

By your leave.

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