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The New Generation and the Fundamentals of Revival

The assurance of a secure afterlife is dependent on living a cautious life in this world.

In response to an individual who plays with his beard during the Daily Prayers or supplication, it is commented that:

‘If this man’s heart was truly full with reverence, his other organs would also be in a state of reverence and awe.’

If a person’s heart was truly full with reverence, this would reflect upon all the organs and faculties of the body.

That is the way it should be.

One should tremble in the presence of God today; so that, when we face Him, may He be glorified and exalted, in the Hereafter, we are not crushed under the burden of our mistakes.

We are required to tremble only in one realm, if we do so in this world, we will have already used up this right, and so not face it in the Hereafter.

A Divine hadith states:

‘I do not join together in My servant two fears or two securities.’

If people have lived their lives in a sense of awe and fear, trembled in the presence of God throughout their lives, there will be an atmosphere of assurance waiting for them in the Hereafter.

However, if they have lived their lives in whatever way they prefer, they should be distressed about their fate; trembling awaits them in the Hereafter.

Awaiting them is to be drowned in sweat, rising to their throats.

The Bridge (As-Sirat) waits for them like an earthquake; there is destruction there, depending on the individual.

We must delve deeply into living in awe and fear, in order to not be exposed to such destruction, so that Hell will also say, ‘Cross quickly; your pure light is extinguishing my fire’.

This is the greatest assurance of safety in the next life.

Who knows, maybe an individual in the Prayer line at a mosque who is in such a state, deep in agony, will cause deep trembling within the hearts of others in the congregation, that a synergy will be created within all.

My heart so desires.

It was requested that one or two of our friends be given a role or responsibility in another location.

I said, ‘No, there should be at least one or two people who groan among us’, as I had witnessed their agony and passion in supplication.

Because we need that kind of synergy; we need that support.

One person shall groan and moan, causing a cascade of agony and passion to begin within ourselves; with this sensation, we shall all turn to sincere worship of The All-Just God.

When we lift our hands for supplication, our hands should tremble with the shame of lifting them.

And then, let us feel the Divine manifestations, as if loosing ourselves; let us feel the Divine lights, as if the Divine blessings are raining onto our palms.

When you present your deep, humble devotion and entreaty to Him in this manner, with God’s permission and grace, you will venture to the afterlife in assurance and trust.

I had previously mentioned that Ahmed Feyzi Effendi passed away smiling.

When he saw the Angel of Death, he probably said with a smile, ‘Welcome, great to see you’. Those who witnessed his body said that his expression reminded them of this.

Those who meet the Angel of Death in this manner will also meet the interrogating angels of the grave in a similar manner.

When faced with questions such as ‘Who is your Lord, what is your religion, who is your Prophet’ from the angels, they will say, ‘Why do you ask such questions?’

‘I have always known my religion and my Lord and lived in this manner.’

Then when they stand on the Day of Judgment, they will stand in that same spiritual state.

Though without a passport they will be granted easy access like those with documentation.

Then while the Scales are being weighed someone will say, ‘What are you going to weigh? It is clear to see from his demeanor’

When they will be crossing the Bridge, from Hell they will hear, ‘Cross quickly; your pure light is extinguishing my fire’.

To live in such a manner.

This is the means to collective peace and contentment for humanity.

Those living in this manner will provide peace and contentment amongst humanity.

This is the path to attain eternal happiness in the Hereafter.

So, happiness in this world and Hereafter depends on a tight bond one’s heart has with God.

The world needs a ‘new generation’ and unless you become the devoted, passionate servants that humanity requires, God will take you away, if He wills, and replace you with an utterly different generation.

A deep servanthood, or even ultimate devotion.

By ignoring all other things besides God and saying,

‘I used to think there were no friends left for me in the whole universe,

Then I abandoned myself and realised all the strangers became my friends.’

By removing everything from one’s focus and turning to the Beloved One in worship.

Abandoning the whole world and its contents in one’s heart.

As Bediüzzaman mentioned, ‘Abandoning the world in the heart, not in practice.’

If you obtain something, let it be, if you lose it, let it be, to not dwell on it.

Evaluating situations in such a way and saying,

‘Well, God gave it, God took it away,

this world is a funny thing’ and living in this ascetic manner.

Using the world as a step towards an ascension to the reunion with God.

I will call this an ‘ascension’, with each step on this path placing one closer and closer to Him, may He be glorified and exalted, with sublime behaviour and manner.

And through this, being honoured with ‘annihilation in God’ and ‘subsistence by and with God’, and living one’s life in Divine love and yearning...

‘If you love God,

would He not love you?

He will then love you.

If you seek His approval

Would He not give you His approval?’

He will... He will accept you; and open His doors of gratification.

‘If you flow down like a cascade

If you cry like the Prophet Job

If you rend your heart

Would He not respond and ask you how you are?’

He is more compassionate to you than you are to yourself. He refers to Himself as ‘The All-Compassionate One’.

Be just like that to Him and towards His compassion.

Respond to His blessings with deep respect.

My statements are to everybody, I hope the ones who already do this will excuse me, I am talking from the perspective of my own soul.

The world is in need of a generation like this.

A ‘new generation’, the goal of Bediüzzaman, refers to such a generation.

‘O you miserable corpses that move!’

I mean those who live with no heart or soul, and move like the dead cadavers.

‘The grave awaits you; clear the way, so that the new generation that is able to swell the wave of Islamic virtues over the universe shall arrive.’

The new generation...

If He so wills (in order for the fulfillment of His purpose for creation), He can put you away and bring a new generation (in your place, who will acknowledge their poverty and praise God in return for His favours) (Al-Fatir, 35:16).

When you age and deteriorate, fade and wither away like the leaves in fall, God will not abandon His religion and will definitely bring forth a new generation.

Like the archangel Israfil blowing the Trumpet, God will send a new breeze across mankind through a reformer.

He will bestow a new revival, or in other terms, a new life and revival after death.

Master Necip Fazıl used this phrase.

He will grant such a new revival.

‘May the new generation that will raise the wave of the Quranic truth over the universe arrive.’

I believe there will be no space for grudges, hatred, anger and jealousy in the heart and consciences of people stooped in such feelings.

When the heart is filled with these sublime feelings; you will not be able to fill anything that is already full.

In poet Mehmet Akif͛s words, what can you pour into a glass that is already overflowing?

If you fill the vessel of your hearts with worship, devoted servanthood to God, and ultimate devotion, and then knowledge and love of God, and ardent longing towards Him, anything else that was to pour into it will overflow and be disregarded.

Nothing else will find a place in there.

If being kept busy with mistakes and errors makes you happy, use this leisure of yours for your own sins so that the small stains of the world don’t make you forget your own shortcomings.

Indeed, if the heart bonds with God to this extent, I believe it will be preoccupied with itself and as mentioned in my last article it will be absorbed in its own shortcomings and defects.

(As mentioned in the next issue of the Çağlayan magazine), perhaps in the future you will see the Pride of Humanity, peace and blessings be upon him,

‘errors’ did not even temporarily taint his dreams.

But at the same time he maintained such humble devotion and yearning to God that you would think he was constantly sinning.

But he does this with respect to his own station, as the saying goes ‘What is considered virtue for the pious ones is often considered a misdeed for the ones closest to God’. These supplications and seeking of forgiveness is done both as a responsibility while also with the intention of setting an example for those after him.

It is as though he is saying, ‘This is how you should be’.

When the imam says, ‘Allahu Akbar’, you repeat after him, when the imam says, ‘Sami Allahu liman hamidah’, you repeat after him and when the imam says, ‘Allahu Akbar’ and prostrates, you follow suit.

If he, peace and blessings be upon him, says, ‘I wronged my soul’,

‘O God, I wronged my soul, forgive me’, then this should be considered as an example, a lesson for those following him.

If one is so preoccupied with their own self, I do not think they can be occupied with others’ faults, even the cruelest of them.

Of course, their cruelty can leave deep wounds within our souls when we are under the effect of our physical selves, and our individual thoughts and feelings.

In the words of Izzet Molla:

‘I will not tire of torment and will perceive it as the apple of my eye, but

We all at one point get tired of suffering, as the body is human!’

If you are hit by a spear, you cannot but say, ‘Argh’ before you fall.

This is inherent in our nature, but all of this suffering should be considered temporary.

They acted as their character dictated.

They put on a dress of shallowness as though it was perfectly their size.

It was impossible for them to act in any other way.

But the duty that befalls believers like yourselves is, in the words of Akif:

‘Rely on God, embrace the struggle, and yield to wisdom

If there is a way, it must be this, I don’t know of another leading to freedom’

May God bless his soul.

‘Rely on God, embrace the struggle, and yield to wisdom.’

Everything you do should be consistent with reason, logic, and sound judgment.

Or more accurately, only act in a manner that the logic of humanity would deem acceptable.

Be more humane than the humanists of today; impress the globe with your morals.

They should say, ‘What kind of a religion is this, it’s truly enviable.

We read of many utopias but we couldn’t envision that such a society, community exists’.

Their existence is surreal.

They have ceased to exist for themselves. In fact, they have attained true existence by being selfless’.

Thus, being enviable in this regard occurs when one is selfless and altruistic.

In the words of Yunus Emre, a minstrel, a friend of God and the noble Prophet:

‘Respond without hands against those that strike you, respond without speech against those who curse you; be as selfless as a dervish.’

Yes, this is the key issue.

Naili Kadim says, ‘O Lord, give happiness to those that cause me sadness,

and accept the requests of those that wish mine aren’t met!’

May those that break my heart, find happiness and tranquility; and those that wish failure unto me, achieve their goals.

If you constantly ensemble these matters like a choir and represent it loudly everywhere, the conscience of all will approve your efforts soon enough.

The group that appears powerful today, the oppressors, sinners and disbelievers are going to feel remorse and regret their actions.

Even in the presence of God, they will say, ‘Grant us with another chance, and we will be righteous servants’ but God will decline; saying, ‘You will act exactly how you acted before’.

On the Day of Judgment, they will request for a second chance again but they will receive the same response.

You are prospective candidates for a bright end, but for those that oppress you, they are preparing their own dark fates.

They are preparing a dark fate for themselves.

But you have a bright future awaiting you

God compelled you to take part on this road.

He made you push further on, like a steed, by His permission and grace

Yes, by His grace and mercy.

In a fashion that is deserving of His glory, His lordship, sovereignty, knowledge and Divine mercy and compassion.

He allowed you take part on this road, in a way fitting for Him.

Opportunities were provided.

In my opinion, the job shouldn’t be left half done; ‘They came unto us, oppressed us, they deprived us of certain worldly things” should not be a cause to leave your mission halfway.

We cannot comprehend it, but, they essentially deprive themselves from such a fundamental thing that...

They pave their way towards eternal disappointment.

They are depriving themselves from Paradise.

They are depriving themselves from gaining the gratification of God.

They deprive themselves of contact with the beauty and perfection of the almighty God, a blessing that thousands of years of perfect contentment in Paradise does not match.

While being blessed by being at the table of the Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him, they are unable to benefit from the food offered there.

If they wish let them say, ‘We are Muslims, we are after an Islamic way of governance’ fifty times.

Such a conviction is far beyond the thoughts and feelings of the oppressor.

Let them exhibit what is only true to their character; let them demonstrate their ugliness, iniquity and atrocities;

Let them, in the words of Imam Al-Ghazali, air their dirty laundry and reveal all that has caused them to be cursed, but you, on the other hand, shall continue to demonstrate the right attitude by remaining on the path and very means that redeemed you.

Thus, in the words of Bediüzzaman, accept those calamities as a form of purification and see everything in a positive way; thus ‘He who sees everything in a positive way, will think positively; and he who thinks positively will get pleasure from his life’. If you want to get pleasure in life, from the expression of Bediüzzaman, ‘Let not this envy, this jealousy come unto us maliciously’.

And say, ‘These are the best for us!’

Again I am uttering the things that come to mind, In the words of Yunus Emre, say:

‘If suffering comes from Divine Majesty

Or fidelity from Divine Beauty

Both are a delight to the soul

Pleasant is Your wrath, and pleasant is Your grace’

Pleasant is anything and everything from You.

Some say:

‘Pleasant is anything and everything from You’

Indeed, you must welcome everything in a pleasant way.

There must be a wisdom and purpose behind these calamities.

If it is a means to purify us as though we are being cleaned in a basin, then there is no need for any resentment.

Perhaps we must pity those deviant sects who commit such evils, who indulge in sinfulness and who surrender themselves to base tendencies. We must pity those whose gazes are blurred and minds are muddled with power. So then say, ‘Dear God!

We are desperate for your help; grant them guidance as well.

Guide us to the Straight Path.

Bless them with the supplication of ‘Guide us to the Straight Path. The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have incurred Your punishment and condemnation or of those who are astray’.

Guide us to the paths that lead to humanity’.

Or else they will, in a way, find themselves in concentric circles of calamity, tribulations and destitution which will in turn prevent them from succeeding at anything that they engage in.

With every step they will engage in a new wrongdoing, they will leave a scandalous mark, they will be the reason for another part of the world abandoning from them.

One day America will be disconnected, one day Germany will be disconnected, one day The Netherlands will be disconnected, one day France will be disconnected; those who are disconnected will depart disconnected; he who is disconnected will remain lonely in his disconnectedness.

They will tell them ‘sit and enjoy your disconnectedness’.

The Lessons and Messages that Hizmet Volunteers Should Gain from Current Events and Experiences

Yes, our duty is to say, ‘The One in Whose refuge is sought, save me from the embarrassments of my sins’ and weep.

‘Everybody is pretty, I’m ugly

Everybody is as useful as wheat, I’m a piece of straw’, being at one with these thoughts.

‘Save me from the shame of my own sins’, The first prayer is a prayer of Bediüzzaman, while the second quote is from the Imam of Alvar, Muhammed Lütfi Effendi.

On the other hand, this kind of difficult situation should encourage people to strengthen their bonds and unite.

We need to evaluate the situation in general without obsessing over details, without obsessing over corruption and falling into despair, so that our morale is not weakened.

People of atrocities engaged in atrocities, people of dishonor lived up to their name.

We need to look at the atrocities we are exposed to in general sense and say, ‘Now what can we do to survive these calamities?’

Maybe there is are positive and negative aspects of this situation:

We are separated from our homeland.

Our country of which the soil we would use as kohl.

As Quddusi says about Medina, ‘The earth of Medina is polish for Quddusi’s face’ we would say the same about our country.

We would feel great grief when we remember our motherland.

I think I have expressed your feelings.

This is how it will be.

You will see this forced exile from your home as a calamity, this is the negative aspect.

Also, one could consider, truly, couldn’t we have dealt with those people that we were next to?

Tyrants, transgressors—excuse me—bohemians, people intoxicated with power, was it not possible to deal with these people?

Then this means our spiritual intellect, sagacity and wisdom was not enough to deal with these tyrants.

Thus, God has slightly slapped us and said, ‘Come to your senses!’ via the tacit messages of events.

Look there are people whose carnal souls make evil suggestions to them.

They could be saying, ‘These people could have been negotiated with and handled, it shouldn’t have come to such persecution’.

This is how you should look at this situation.

So we couldn’t control some people there.

Whereas the noble Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, had kept some people under control until the conquest of Khaybar.

It was then they betrayed him, the people who signed the Medina covenant turned their back on it.

The Banu Qurayza, the Banu Nadir, the Banu Qaynuka and later on Khaybar.

How did our noble Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, come to make an agreement with and handle those who, for five years, looked at him with rancour after having set on a path with one foot placed among the polytheists in Mecca and their tongues stirring up hostility amongst the hypocrites?

With inspiration from Almighty God, through revelation and Prophetic intellect allowed the Pride of Humankind to faultlessly handle these concentric problems.

We would have found ourselves inundated and crushed by even a single one of these challenges.

I think one must say, ‘Perhaps they would not have come with such fury had problems been handled with such discernment and sagacity’.

Whether or not that is the case; it is open to question.

Feel free to evaluate.

Could it be the case?

It’s a ‘could’.

Could it be the case?

Please excuse me, I’m going to give an example from zoology.

I saw it on television:

A man finds two lion cubs in the forest. He takes them in, feeds and raises them.

After some time, when the lions are able to manage themselves, the man releases them back into the forest.

They grow large in the forest and with their claws, are able to crush and tear one to pieces.

And one day, the man who had once shown acts of kindness to the lions goes to the forest where they live.

I saw it with my very own eyes; the lions approached the man, cuddled him and licked his face with affection.

Yes, the animal acts humanely towards humankind.

I once observed a wolf also showing similar behaviour to a man.

A wolf.

When the man would cry out, it too would howl in unison.

As if to say, ‘Let it be in concert’.

When you approach the matter in this way, one should attribute it to our shortcomings. I repeat that it ‘could be’.

Secondly, as human beings, we would have made mistakes.

Almighty God has guided us to the Straight Path.

He not only graced us with being ‘human’ but also made us from amongst the believers.

Had The Glorified and Exalted One not made us believers, had we not come from such an environment.

The majority of those who came from such an environment lost their piety and faith and became hostile to both.

Being kept, protected and guarded in this way are such blessings that none of our acts of worship would equate to the due gratitude.

Have we carried out our servanthood in respect of the favours upon us from The Glorified One?

‘So it means that there were moments when we faltered’, one should say.


To face ourselves...

I alluded to how the Pride of Humanity, peace and blessings be upon him, brought himself to account and humbly turned to God; refer to the article (in the Çağlayan magazine) for an elaboration.

And we too must stand to face ourselves in the same way.

We must see calamities as a slight slap on the nape.

Remember the ‘Blows Dealt by Divine Compassion’ in The Gleams, by Bediüzzaman.

He mentions the ‘Divine Blows of Compassion’ he has encountered.

He does not do anything to deserve a blow from Divine compassion, but he talks about the blows that he thinks he has drawn.

We must think of it like this as well.

If we need to think about something, we should think about these.

Let the scorpions do what their characters dictate, the heroes of noble ideals must display a stance in the best form and nature.

If you are to talk about the things the people of misguidance do, they are acting according to their own character.

In the words of the Qur’an:

‘Say: “Everyone acts according to his own character” (made up of his creed, worldview and disposition)’ (Al-Isra, 17:84).

Everyone acts accordingly to their own character.

A monster will behave like a monster, a snake will bite like a snake and a scorpion will sting like a scorpion.

You may have heard, in folk tales:

The friendship between the frog and the scorpion.

The scorpion crosses the river, so the frog assists the scorpion.

In the end, the scorpion stings the frog.

The frog asks, ‘What kind of brotherhood is this?’ The scorpion replies, ‘This is my nature, I have acted according to my character’.

Yes, we must think of those people like this, they have acted according to their nature.

May God protect us from falling into that state.

That is an atrocity and sordidness; it is disrespect to humans who have been honored with the best form and nature, the heart-spirit and material-moral relationship.

Humans, who have been created as monumental figures, must not fall into that state, ‘They are like cattle (following only their instincts)—rather, even more astray (from the right way and in need of being led). Those are the unmindful and heedless’ (Al-A’raf, 7:179).

One must not fall so low.


Akif says, ‘What elevates morality is neither knowledge nor conscience.

Fear of God is what generates all virtue and excellence.

If hearts were ever to be emptied from the fear of The Almighty,

Neither knowledge nor conscience would preserve its efficacy’.

They are acting according to their own character.

But were our endeavors and efforts in proportion to the blessings God has bestowed us?

Or have we mobilised all of the resources God has blessed us with to turn to Him and make that the grand purpose of life?

Or did we put forward our own interests and ideas?

As I just mentioned:

One who exists in his non-existence does not know non-existence while he exists;

Strangers to this state are unaware of the pleasure in communion with the Beloved.

How would one who has only strangers as friends ever know?

Yes, we may have tied ourselves to this.

I think these events should drive us to ‘compulsory nourishment’.

‘Voluntary nourishment’ raises feeling and thoughts of ‘I wonder if we can make due without it?’

Then now we should turn to Him, form a choir altogether, strengthen our prayers, attentiveness, and our humble devotion.

With the words of Bediüzzaman, ‘Just as charity revokes calamity, the sincere prayer of the majority revokes grief’.

If so, we must form choirs of prayer, humble devotion and entreaty.

And then we must look for ways to wisely and logically avoid these misfortunes and troubles.

These should be negotiated.

The tsunami of malice and animosity that we are exposed to in our homeland should make us think about the possibility of different storms occurring all over the world and drive us to develop some plausible methods to deal with them.

And again, the following should be considered:

In our country, on our soil.

They know where we grew up, our past and our ancestors are evident; we are the descendants of a nation who struggled on the frontier in the name of freedom and independence of that country.

The world knows us; it is okay if they do not know.

Yes, the presence of people who are evil, atrocious and corrupt of decency against us in such a country shows that people who are raised in different cultures could do the same.

So, if you are exposed to such things in your own country, one day you may face the similar reactions from people who are different in terms of religion, culture and understanding.

If this is a possibility, then contemplate and prepare yourselves accordingly.

Why? You may ask.

Because you, as representatives of a universal religion, are obliged to take the majestic name of Muhammad and wave it like a flag everywhere the sun rises and sets.

By willing, ‘My name will reach everywhere the sun rises and sets’, he is showing you a grand purpose of life, an aim, a purpose; and at the same time informing you of the unseen, ‘It will be as such’ he says.

If you have been in this position, if you are exposed to such troubles and problems in your own country, it is possible it will also occur elsewhere.

If so, consider pressure, exposure, victimization, conviction, oppression, embarrassment and being accused of terrorism—you know how those evil tongues used the term ‘terror organisation’. So say, ‘If it occurs here, we may encounter it, may God protect us from it, elsewhere too’.

If this is the case, then from a bird’s eye view, all of humanity should be perceived like this; a universal viewpoint should be adopted.

People of different moral fibre, one day, will put forward their fibres due.

If this is the case the world must be read accurately; if we are going to propose something to people, first we need to read those people and the community accurately, including their culture.

You must think ten times, but speak once.

Now this is such a lesson.

The Owner is giving you a lesson through you can make your cause a global one, a lesson which could never be expressed in books or volumes.

For that Glorious Owner, may we sacrifice all we have to Him.

Everything He does is proper, in perfect measure.

In a sense, God Almighty has deemed them fair to the Pride of Humanity, peace and blessings be upon him, is it too much if he deems them fair to you?

Don’t exaggerate it, what has befallen you.

There is also this aspect of the matter.

Yes, in this regard sitting around saying, ‘These happened to us because of this’; or saying, ‘We couldn’t pursue our mission.

We couldn’t use all the opportunities on that path’; we should be busy saying, ‘by considering all the global community’s conjecture’s seriously, we need to renew our Hizmet methods and system’.

By enriching our conversations around these ideas, by strengthening our hearts with talk of the Beloved, we should make the most of this period.

We should seek refuge in the help and strength of God by fulfilling the means to the resurrection of the heart and spirit.

In addition, there are books that have been written that belong to us.

Firstly, there is the Book and the Sunnah.

There are the great expounders of Islamic law, the reputable revivers of faith, who have interpreted the Book and the Sunnah according to each era.

There are hints left in the Book and the Sunnah according to the era; these hints, require some expounding based on various methods of understanding.

And this has been done by those great expounders of Islamic law, righteous scholars, the friends of God, the purified ones, men of faith and knowledge, those who are nearest to God; especially the great revivers, Umar ibn Abdulaziz, the noble Al-Ghazali, Imam Rabbani, Sheikh al-Jilani, Muhammad Bahauddin Shah an-Naqshband, Mustafa Bakri as-Siddiqi or the Ahl al-Bayt imams Imam Zayd, Imam Jafar as-Sadiq.

In one regard, they relit that candle that was about to be extinguished; by being a means to a new strength, a new power, a new energy, and a new synergy they brought a new liveliness, a new resurrection, by the permission and grace of God.

By making these books a priority for discussion, we must strongly analyse and discuss them.

We must bring together the writings of our era and negotiate them in order to renew ourselves.

Thus, by the power of God, the resurrection of your heart will gain such power and strength that, indeed, you will be like the wrestlers at Kirkpinar and say, ‘Let the champion wrestler come and face me’. And perhaps say, ‘Bring out many chief wrestlers in front of me’.

If you were to come face to face with ten ill intentions aiming to hurt you, you should have the willpower to say, ‘Challenge me all at once’.

In that case, we should rely on God’s help and power.

We should constantly recite to ourselves ‘We have no strength and power; we are so far away from the truth’.

O All-Merciful One! We seek and rely on protection from You, do not deprive us from it.

When we hear the call to Prayer multiple times a day we hear ‘Hurry to the Prayer’, ‘Hurry to Prosperity’ we say:

‘There is no might nor power except in God’.

As the Owner of the Sharia, peace and blessings be upon him, says, ‘Acknowledging and believing that there is no other power than God is one of the treasures of Paradise’.

So those striving against hardship and fighting against injustice will are saying, especially in relation to their assets in Paradise.

With God’s will, someone who believes in God’s might and supremacy can challenge the whole world.

As Bediüzzaman states:

‘Let us also give all we have for a Divine Truth that hundreds of millions of souls have already been given for!’

Even if you set fire to our world, we who have sacrificed ourselves for the truths of the Qur’an will not lay down before heresy; by God’s will and help, we will not abandon our sacred duty!

Look, in a way, God has turned something that people have regarded as small into something for the people of powerful states were not able to do.

This is such a courtesy and favour.

In the words of Imam Zaynal-Abidin, ‘O Lord!

How could respond to your blessings? Even when I say, ‘All thanks be to God’, this is still another part of Your grace’.

I see this and once more feel the need to say, ‘All thanks be to God’.

You have made me say it twice, now say it again from the bottom of your heart ‘All thanks be to God’.

All thanks be to God...

I need to say, ‘All thanks be to God’.

Those people who are blessed with so many bounties should say, ‘All thanks be to God’.

Do not worry! If God Almighty closes one door, surely he will open a thousand more!

‘If one door closes, a thousand will open in its place, God willing.’

The poet describes Almighty God as ‘the Opener of doors.’

If one door closes, a thousand doors will open by His will; for God the Exalted is the Opener of doors.

‘O our Lord Who enables His servants to open the most unyielding doors, and overcome the steepest hills!

Unlock for us doors containing good; grant us relief and dissipate our troubles.

There is no doubt that You are The All-Powerful One.

To respond to our supplications befits You perfectly.

Every difficulty is easy for You, in truth; there is nothing that can challenge You.

We refer to You all those who engage in hostility towards us.

Do not let them achieve their evil ambitions.

Help us against them.

O my Lord, if You wish to grant them salvation and soften their hearts, to guide them to the Truth, to justice, to integrity, to peace, to alliance, to cooperation with our people and our service, do this as soon as soon can be, grant them immediate guidance.

Otherwise, we refer them to You.

For if You will not to guide them, my Lord, restrain the voice of those unjust, inhuman, disorderly, rebellious tyrants.

Tie their hands and feet.

Show that rebellious crowd the greatness of Your power; dismantle their strength, exorbitance, deviation, and unity; destroy the tools that they use for cruelty and oppression; disjoin their cooperation; scatter them all over the place!

Ruin their unity and order.

Scatter their societies to pieces.

Make all of them in bits.

Bring about conflict amongst themselves.

Do not let them realise their dirty ambitions.

We ask from You all these things by sending our wish of peace and salutations to our noble Prophet, our primary reference, the intercessor for our sins, the one whom which our loyalty lies with, and by praising and glorifying our Lord.

My Lord, accept our prayers’.

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