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The Two Centres of the Heart and the Satanic Arrows

Bediüzzaman also uses the term ‘the Satanic Centre’.
Different scholars have used different terms to describe it, but Bediüzzaman prefers ‘the Satanic Centre’.
In a tradition the Noble Prophet says, ‘There are two centres in the heart of a human.
One is for the inspiration of the angels and the other is for the whispering of Satan’.
Therefore, the essence of a human has openings to both good and evil, windows and gates into both, and each will enter based on what is open and accessible.
The influence of Satan on the heart is ‘the Satanic Centre’; the center of the truth and righteous deeds is ‘the Angelic Centre’.
If people like ourselves are unable to comprehend these issues from a perspective of truth, we should at least accept their existence.
Just as there is imitation in belief, there is imitation in Islam; we simply speak about the ideal of living in ‘constant awareness of God’, so when the ideal of a spiritual life is mentioned, sadly, we see it as a theoretical issue.
We see the truths of a ‘Satanic Centre’ and ‘Angelic Centre’ as theoretical, but we should also be asking, ‘Despite everything, what if these are true?’
Just as when an individual approached the Noble Ali and started talking about disbelief and faithlessness.
The Noble Ali listened to him and replied:
‘You said these things.
And I say, there is death, there is torment in the grave after death, there is interrogation in the grave, there is the life in the Intermediate Realm, there is the Great Gathering, there is the spiritual Scale, or the weighing of our deeds and sins.
Now if it as you say it is, that there is nothing, what will happen?
However, if the issue is as I have described it, do you realise just what you will be losing?’
Now if we consider the issue in the manner of the Noble Ali, or if it is how Imam al-Ghazali said it would be.
If Satan truly does aim to penetrate the human heart and shoots arrows into the openings of our hearts.
Bediüzzaman considers this issue in his own profound scope; you may not have considered it in the following manner:
He uses the term, ‘Shoots arrows’.
This means that Satan lays an ambush for those that he cannot affect directly and shoots arrows from afar.
For example, when you are thinking of something positive, when thinking of the truths of the Divine Names, Attributes, and Essence, Satan shoots an arrow for each of those thoughts.
For example, when contemplating His Names, thoughts which perplexed the philosophers may come to your mind, ‘Are His Names the same as His Essence?’
If they are, wouldn’t it be necessary to accept multiple eternal beings, if not, wouldn’t it be necessary consider a liaison between the mortal and the eternal?’
It also triggers considerations in relation to God; ‘Are the Divine Attributes the same as the Divine Essence or not?’
Then, when you consider this in light of ‘the Divine Essence’, it also drives you to various other conclusions:
‘The universe, in all its capacity, trillions of galaxies and more than trillions of systems within those galaxies exist in order and harmony.
How does He control all of these, like the atoms in a human body, like electrons, protons and neutrons, and the ether and particles in their cores?’
It drives you to these kinds of thoughts and it confuses you.
Depending on their piety, Satan shoots the arrows of evil suggestions to everyone.
When you are in such a situation, you need to act and say some things to counter this, you need to oppose Satan.
For when you are not able to comprehend these kinds of matters, the Pride of Humanity, peace and blessings be upon him, stated that ‘Reflect on the blessings and works of His Divine Power.
However, never attempt to reflect on the Divine Essence, for that transcends human conception.’ Then you will obey this declaration and say; ‘When it comes to the matter of the Divine Essence, I cross my arms and say; “This is a dead end”’.
Necip Fazıl used this phrase: ‘People stop! This road is a dead end.
If only I could shout it out by opening my arms.’
Our shallow perception surely is not sufficient to comprehend Him, may He be glorified and exalted.
‘Eyes comprehend Him not, but He comprehends all eyes.
He is the All-Subtle (penetrating everything no matter how small), the All-Aware’ (Al-An’am, 6:103).
Sights and insights cannot encircle Him, cannot express Him completely.
When a particular manifestation of Him was shown to Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, he fainted and fell. When he stood up, he said that ‘Your words are equal to the words of seventy thousand people’.
This is His statement of words, this is a fact.
When the lights of Divine self-disclosure of the Divine Speech reached the Pride of Humanity, he would lose himself and drops of sweat would pour from his face even in winter.
Yes, it is such a thing.
Besides, he was created with the ability to endure this task.
God created the Messenger in a ‘perfect’ and ‘impeccable’ manner, in accordance to the mission that he would fulfill.
God created the Messenger to be exemplary to all of mankind.
Despite this, the Messenger nearly passed out when revelation came from God.
The treasury of God Almighty comprises of worship; if you intend to reach Him and gain His pleasure, be humble and be sincere in your deeds.
As such, matters involving the Divine Essence could still be corrupted by Satan.
Besides those who tell lies; some may say, ‘This and this came to me’, which could also be false.
Scholars such as Imam al-Ghazali, Ismail Haqqi Bursawi, Abdulqadr al-Jilani, Muhammad Bahauddin an-Naqshband and Najmaddin al-Kubra have a say on this subject, they will narrate it in accordance to the Divine inspirations and gifts they experienced.
Bediüzzaman states that these scholars narrate these issues being inspired from essentially a non-recited inspiration.
Some such as Bayazid Bastami, when narrating such issues say that ‘God Almighty said to me’:
‘Bayazid! God’s treasury is full of acts of worship.
If you aspire to be close to God Almighty and gain his good pleasure, be humble and be sincere in your deeds’.
To be humble and self-effacing and to be sincere in one’s actions...
Possessing these two virtues is more beneficial than making the pilgrimage two times in one year, or fasting every day for the remainder of one’s life or offering a thousand units of Prayer every day.
To perceive oneself to be so small, figuratively like an ant, and carry out one’s deeds as commanded,
while constantly to doubting one’s sincerity.
To be leagues away from the attitude and behaviour of carrying out deeds to impress others...
Asking forgiveness from God as though they associated a partner unto God, when involuntarily someone else hears the passion and thrill is one’s voice and the thought ‘They heard’ crosses one’s mind.
‘May God forgive me.
To be heard only by You; to be recognised only by You’ should be said.
This is sincerity: acting for God, beginning for God, meeting for God, speaking for God. It means acting within the circle of His pleasure: for God, for God’s sake, on account of God...
As referred to in the treatise ‘On Sincerity’, even a particle (as small as an atom) of a sincere act is preferable over large acts without it.
Indeed, a sincere act as small as an atom is preferable over many insincere acts.
Let us get back to the point.
Bayazid Bastami says openly, ‘God Almighty said this to me.’
Look at the Nataij by Ismail Haqqi Bursawi and see what it contains and what sorts of meetings occur there.
Similarly, Imam al-Ghazali does not just overtly say, ‘God Almighty said this to me’, however looking at the depth of his scope and perception, he compiles and gathers so many truths.
The books from his period were not quickly and readily accessible like those on your computers, or even easy to navigate through an index.
They were hand-written, and their whereabouts were unclear.
Even with these physical challenges, he was able to collate various topics and while also coming up with a critical viewpoint, something that is extremely important.
And so for Al-Ghazali, all the openings of Satan were closed up, and all the openings of the angels were open.
His source of inspiration was ever growing; his spirituality was increasing, inch by inch, every day, as if in ascension to Him.
On the other hand, he faces the temptations with the utmost sensitivity.
The one who knows his self also knows his Lord.
Now, as for the people of today:
May God protect us.
Firstly, there is the issue of not having been able to correctly perceive one’s own nature.
Let me explain this with reference to a partially published series of articles in the Çağlayan magazine.
With guidance of the great Messengers, the confrontation of the human self with itself and its exploration and discovery of itself...
It was narrated in a hadith, in fact a Divine hadith:
‘The one who knows his self also knows his Lord.’
If one discovers oneself sufficiently, in other words becomes an expert of his/her own self, then one has taken a step in discovering the outer world and will one day become knowledgeable regarding God.
And if one does not attain this knowledge of God, then all of his/her knowledge has not resulted in true knowledge.
We call this knowledge ‘the culture or refinement of the heart’ or in other words, the amalgamation of this knowledge into a dimension of one’s very being.
And from then on, to act not with external commands, but with inner urges, inner inspirations, inner impulses, inner compulsions that form in the conscience of the individual.
Moving towards these feelings as if he is moving to other desires like eating, drinking, and worldly human needs, almost unconsciously.
The Pride of Humankind, peace and blessings be upon him, states: ‘I enjoy worship the way you enjoy eating, drinking and other pleasures’.
When he worships, he enjoys it as if indulging in other worldly pleasures and therefore does not realise his feet swelling and stays upright worshiping until the morning light.
In fact, all his actions are in the Divine company and attention, or in a way, he is an observer of the Divine self-disclosures’.
I shall say it that way, I avoided including ‘with the Divine Essence’.
‘An observer of the Divine self-disclosures’.
All the wishes, desires, urges and drives that come from his inner-self, drive him to worship God and become a servant to God with deep pleasure.
He successfully discovered himself, read himself correctly, and then was able to comprehend the contents of the Qur’an.
He does not fall into mistake of differing opinions:
Yes, ‘If one knows his soul, he will know his Lord.’
The one who knows his Lord will look for his Lord; the one who knows Him that way, will certainly search for Him.
And the one who looks for his Lord will indeed find Him.
And the one who finds Him will rescue himself from the trouble of looking for other unnecessary things.
All these happen step by step.
Consider the following:
Firstly, the matter of finding out the soul is based on comprehending its essence.
Secondly, having full knowledge of Him in context of the creative commands, by investigating every detail of creation and events.
So to speak, this is having knowledge about Him in accordance with His ipseity; not ‘comprehending the Divine Essence’, but knowing Him in accordance with His true nature.
In the words of Bediüzzaman, knowing Him as an ‘Indeterminate Being’; that is, ‘He exists in such a way that His existence is veiled by the intensity of manifestation’.
‘The entire universe is a great book,
No matter which letter you investigate, you will see its meaning is God.’
‘You are the All-Evident such that who You are is unknown,
and You are the All-Hidden such that You cannot be hidden from anyone.’
The terminology that the author uses to say ‘who you are’ in Turkish (ne idüğün) is used for humble things, so I changed this for the sake of respect.
Look, these sound like the opposites, ‘You are the All-Hidden such that You cannot be hidden from anyone.’
‘The heart is the Throne of The All-Merciful; its destruction is rebellion and frustration.’
Yes, He makes Himself be felt in each thing.
Thus, this is also a scope; once you reach this horizon, you start looking for Him.
And the one who looks for his Lord will indeed find Him.
The truth is found, and is now free from imitation.
However, people of our time have nothing to do with this path, this heart, this spiritual life.
Whatever these people have gained from the cultural environment in which they were raised, this is what they use to interpret and simply practice their servanthood to God.
They are neither aware of the ‘Satanic Centre’, nor the ‘Angelic Centre’ that contains the spiritual faculties sensing God directly and where the angels enter the heart. They are also not aware of the Divine treasure of ‘There is no power and might except with God’ and its place of manifestation.
Some have seen this place of manifestation as parallel to the ‘throne’ of the ‘Divine Essence’.
One has said:
‘The heart is the throne of The All-Merciful,
its destruction is rebellion and disappointment.’
This saying belongs to the Imam of Alvar.
Similarly, Ibrahim Haqqi says: ‘The heart is the home of God, the Divine Abode’.
The word he uses here (dil) means ‘heart’ in Persian.
‘The heart is the Divine Abode, purify it of all else.’
‘For The All-Merciful may descend to His abode at night’
A direct and clear showing forth of the secrets of the One in existence...
In their state of languid enchantment, they refer to this self-disclosure with the metaphor of the Divine Essence visiting His palace (All-Glorified is He).
This is in fact a ‘self-disclosure’ and the human heart is where this self-disclosure occurs.
If one makes their heart a perfectly shiny mirror, similar to the noble Spirit of the Master of Humankind, then that heart will constantly be a mirror to the self-disclosures of God Who is the Ultimate Truth and the Ever-Constant.
Yes, as the saying of Aziz Mahmud Hüdai goes, ‘From the mirror of Muhammad God can be seen perpetually’.
Indeed, whoever gazes at him will witness Him; thus all existence can study Him.
On one hand, one can study the self by studying the self, but far superior than this is that by studying him, peace and blessings be upon him, one can study Him.
To remember God when one sets eyes on him.
As we have been reading in the biographies of the narrators of tradition, when they see a certain individual, all are overwhelmed and utter the Name of God.
That individual lives such an enchanted, enraptured life.
He is quivering terribly as through he is seeing Hell; as though he is being questioned by God.
People like ourselves that live ordinary lives may not fully comprehend such an existence, and to be content with where we are would be to aim too low.
Because to be content with our current station means we are prone to slipping, and open to becoming a plaything of Satan.
Those who are constantly whispering to evil beings, use sacred values as stepping stones to reach their worldly ambitions as though they were bricks of mud.
Let me tell you a short story to give your mind a break. I’ve mentioned this before.
A man, while walking past the mosque sees someone.
The person he sees is standing near the mosque holding a bunch of bridles and muzzles in his hands.
He asks: ‘Who are you?’
The man responds: ‘I am Satan’.
In response to the question, ‘What are you doing here in the mosque?’ he replies, ‘Inside the mosque there are devotees of God who are engaged in supplication and glorification, I am here to take put a bridle on these people’.
If he finds an opening, he will place binds on you.
Yes, he has enough bridles and muzzles in his hands for all of the people inside the mosque and he wants to control every single one of them. Since he is a subtle creature he can do fifty things at once, can send fifty evil suggestions at once.
With these signals he can disrupt a person’s inspiration-receiving faculties of the heart. That man then asks:
‘Which one is my bridle?’
Satan says:
‘I don’t need a bridle for you; you are already running after me.’
While you are walking past the mosque, you don’t even think of observing the Prayer, pity you.
Yes this is dangerous.
But there is something even more dangerous than this:
One who has entered the mosque, reached the month of Ramadan, made the Pilgrimage, but has taken part in these acts only to pursue and progress worldly aims and goals.
This is clearly more dangerous.
If you would excuse me, I will describe this with a term that you might not forgive me for using:
‘This is the more blasphemous case.’
For the purposes of completing worldly objectives, they let their hearts be conquered by worldly desires; they consider their self-interests in every situation.
Whereas those who have tied everything to their self-interests have never been able to put forth any notable permanent accomplishments.
While pursuing worldly goals, they are using spiritual assets as steps for worldly goals.
Using ablution for example as a step, if you step on it the people would look at you favourably.
Another step is ‘Prayer’, use it to your favour.
Another one is using ‘I bear witness there is no deity but God and Muhammad is His servant and Messenger’ as a step, may God protect us from such things.
Using the sacred as a means to reach non-sacred goals.
Appearing to be interested by Islamic issues around the world but doing absolutely nothing in response.
Boasting, lying, and using these as steps
Helping a believer is a requirement of being a believer:
‘A person who does not share the suffering and concerns of Muslims is not one of them.
But just talking about these issues, bluffing, tricking and using the ignorant public and expressing oneself just as a show.
See here, sacred values are again used as a stepping stones for ulterior motives, as though it was a dirty mud brick on which to stand on.
The ulterior motive of being seen and being praised.
Being valued in a certain way and being given a certain position.
To be regarded as a significant figure for religion; to be respected like Saladin was.
To be titled ‘The Conqueror’ and some fools do use that term.
Simply so other can speak of one as such.
The world is full of such tyrants; the earth is currently disposed to raise such Pharaohs. Globally, this force or trend is so strong that you will see similar figures wherever you go and especially so in the Islamic geographies.
It is impressive; the seeds that Satan sowed across the globe are germinating into budding Pharaohs and look set to grow into full-scale trees.
And these tyrants, with their pitch-black shadows are blocking the horizon of humanity and preventing humanity from seeing God.
Yes, this is more dangerous than the danger posed by heresy because the ‘red lines’ are being obscured and the sacred is being used as a means for attaining non-sacred ambitions.
To be Muslim is being tied down to a certain image or display of ‘Muslimness’.
Ostentation, hypocrisy, arrogance are all associating partners to God. Ostentation, hypocrisy, arrogance, pretentiousness, self-glorification, and conceit.
You seek the refuge in God against these in your supplications. You seek refuge in God against these in your supplications every day.
Thus, the notion of using religious arguments to serve irreligious purposes is worse than the harm of the non-believer.
‘My Lord, I seek your refuge against all of the spurring of Satan, and his forming a negative atmosphere around me and taking me under his influence.’
Today, people view both the angels and the Satan in their figurative forms.
For example, one might say ‘I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of the cursed and expelled Satan’.
‘My Lord, I seek refuge in you, especially when I am carrying out my responsibility, in my interactions with those rejecting your religion, from the spurs and incitements of the human and jinn Satans, and from their rousing some of my emotions.
My Lord, I also seek your refuge from them being close to me (and taking me under their influence)’ (Al-Mu’minun, 23:97-98).
Or, as in the morning and evening supplications:
‘My God, conceal my shameful acts and safeguard me against my fears.’
‘My God, protect me from (the dangers that come from) behind, from my right, from my left, and from above me and I also seek refuge in You from being destroyed from under my feet.’
But this is merely repeating and invoking the supplications contained in those books of prayer.
But the important matter is not this; the important matter is that you are facing a Satan who has taken a stance against you and who placed you in his sights.
At the same time, there are also spiritual beings who are focused on imbuing your heart; focused on carrying inspiration and favours to the hearts of those who keep their hearts pure and open to them.
But when some people choose one side, those doors slowly shut, shut like doors who act opposite to each other.
Just like the two plates of a scale, when you place a heavier item on one side, the other side rises.
Similarly, when the eyes, ears and tongue are not under control, when your attitude and actions are not in line with complete sincerity and God being pleased with you and when some, even though they may seem religious, use religion for worldly gains, all the doors will be swung open for Satan.
And then, without realisation, those people will find themselves as described in the following verse:
‘And thus it is that (as a dimension of human earthly life taking place according to Our eternal Will, embracing human free will, and according to the wisdom in sending the Religion) We have set against every Prophet a hostile opposition from among the Satans of humankind and jinn.
Between them they will use some gilded words to deceive whispering suggestions and satisfy each other.
Yet had your Lord willed (and compelled everybody to behave in the way He wills), they would not do it.
So leave them alone with what they have been fabricating’ (Al-An’am, 6:112).
Yes, sometimes the Satans among the jinn send signals to the Satans among humans.
Whilst completing my compulsory military service, I was a signaller responsible for wireless communication.
They send you signals and you would receive it in the form of, beeps and sounds.
Those sounds were F.G.
And you would reply relaying the current situation.
Therefore, ‘Some decorate their words and express themselves in a manner.’
Such that, Satan approaches someone from the right:
And will say, ‘Go and pray amongst the public.
and why are you standing in the back rows in Prayer?’
Look at how you are convinced:
‘Doesn’t the Prophet say that if you aren’t the imam, the most important thing to do is to line up right behind the imam,
So why aren’t you there?’
But his intention is different.
When you stand right behind the imam for Prayer, he will whisper, ‘Congratulations! He comes to Prayer before everyone else, occupies the first line and prays right behind the imam.
He receives nine out of the ten rewards that are distributed and the remainder gets shared among the rest’.
This is Satan approaching you from the right and it is more dangerous, but these days humankind is unmindful and unaware of this fact.
Yes, it approaches you from the right and at the beginning encourages you to do good things:
It says, ‘Make the Pilgrimage countless times.
Never miss an Umrah’, but when someone is just about to go it will say, ‘Up until now, others never went; during the period where they controlled the fate of a nation we never saw any kindness from them, we never witnessed them respect our values.
They lived among worldly pleasures.
They set sail to such heedlessness that they weren’t given a chance to reach a shore.
How nice is that!’
Coming from the right:
‘How nice!
You are going to the Pilgrimage, people will observe it and they will say, “This kind was unseen of, truly no one has reached his scope, take a look at what he is revealing!”’
Same goes with fasting:
They are not fasting, but they say otherwise; when water is placed before them, they push it away with the back of their hand.
‘Are you heedless?’
A Muslim like me is fasting.’
With this reaction, once again he has used the dynamic of religion as a mud-brick that he sets his foot on.
We call all of this ‘abuse’, May God protect us from it, we call it ‘causing destruction based from that’.
Paradise has eight gates, for those who open their hearts to spirituality in the world; and Hell has seven gates, for those who did not prevent the influence of Satan from all four sides.
In this day and age, there is also Satan approaching from the left, which is hazardous.
When you take a glance into the lives of the majority, you’ll see most neck deep in misguidance.
When worship is tainted in this way, their spiritual world will completely decay from the other side, and the gates of their heart are open to Satan.
They live all of their desires, they glance at and listen to forbidden things, and they lie.
It is said that one lie told by a leader or director amounts to a thousand: one slander amounts to a thousand.
And once these are stated once, they become a ‘major sin’, they can be countered with begging for forgiveness; however, if the person constantly states this like it is of no importance, the person becomes an unbeliever.
Constantly slandering as if it is a favourable matter, especially if they unconsciously raise false confessions/slanders about Islam, and if they see this as an innocent act, whether they are praying or fasting, they become an unbeliever.
As a matter of fact, these are also actions that derive from Satan approaching from the left.
There are also people who can be bought with money like animals and creatures.
Again, Satan is approaching from the left.
A friend mentioned someone, my fellow townsmen spoke of his close friend.
Again, when I say ‘someone among thirty important people’, you’ll understand.
‘Why are you so against such favorable, positive doings?’
He says, ‘They make it rain with money.’
I replied:
‘How much have they given you so far?’
I fail to recall, but I think he said ‘Two hundred million euros.’
‘So what are you doing with all of this money?’ ‘I’m trying to build some facilities and mansions in England, just in case.’
The other day, a friend annotated the nature of this in the following way:
‘So many people, are currently investing significantly in off-shore places to stay when it comes time to flee.’
Satan comes from the left, by means of penetrating hearts, since the doors are open in reality, and attacks from there as well.
He approaches from the front:
In relation to the future there is the grave, there is the interrogation of the angels.
Yes, let give another break by explaining something; I explained this before; you don’t mind, right?
There was a woman, very fearful of the grave.
She believed in God, and also believed in the interrogating angels.
‘Who is your Lord?
and who is your Prophet?’
As you know the interrogating angels ask these questions in Arabic
‘Man Rabbuka?
‘Wa man Nabiyyuka?’ they may say. Namely, ‘Who is your Lord and who is your Prophet?’
In her will and testament the lady requested:
“When you bury me in the grave, dig a grave like hole next to mine.
And then let someone, for the sake of God, stay there till the interrogation ends; don’t let me live the estrangement of loneliness there.
It will be a connection and strength for me; I will give the correct responses to the interrogating angels, without jumbling them.
Indeed, this is an anecdote, the truth of the story is irrelevant, the moral of the anecdote is important, they bury her and then there is someone in need of money.
Just as today they buy some people by giving them a sack full of money.
One man sold his dignity, his reputation, his honour, his pride, and his esteem related to his family when they give him fifteen million.
He was praiseworthy, someone skilled in business; albeit, in this day and age.
Anyway, in our story, his eyes get stuck on money, ‘Let it be’; they give the money, ‘Bury me next to her’ he says.
When he is traveling to be buried, he is absent minded, because he is going to go into a grave.
He passes by the door of one of his neighbours, and his neighbour is cutting wood with an axe, a splinter comes next to him; he takes it in his hand.
The anecdote says so.
He walks to his hole playing with this splinter in his hand.
And they put him in the accompanying hole exactly like that.
They close up the grave, in a way in which he can still breathe.
The interrogating angels come to the grave for the interrogation; they say among themselves ‘The dead one isn’t going anywhere.
Let’s begin by questioning the man who is alive’.
The angles begin with, ‘From where did that splinter come to you?’
He is shocked.
‘I got it from my neighbour’s door as I was passing’, ‘So are you permitted to take something without asking?
Hit him with the mace.’ ‘After you got the splinter did you turn back and apologise? ‘No, I didn’t.’ ‘Hit him with the mace.’
He is hit 30 times for a splinter of wood.
He utters, ‘May their money and their deals all sink into the ground’ as he digs his way out of the hole.
Yes, it begins with the grave, then the Intermediate Realm, followed by judgement on the Scales.
Then there is the Bridge, thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword, and Hell waits for those that cannot make it across.
There are the gates of Paradise for those who open their hearts to the angels in this world.
There are the seven gates of Hell; the gates will be opened for those who opened the ‘Satanic centres’ of their hearts in this world.
All of these are necessary things to be known for the future of all people.
‘I seek refuge in God from the evil of Satan and politics.’
Again, Satan says ‘man’, ‘You are a man just for today’.
Eat, drink, and enjoy your life.
For example, a friend of ours who is close to those we described as ‘those who perform their Prayers for worldly gains’ described an individual.
Let us call this friend ‘a person who attained the spiritual levels’.
When our friend says, ‘There is God, there is a Prophet, there is Judgement Day, there is entrance to Paradise.’ The individual says, ‘You are thinking too far ahead’.
I swear by God that is blasphemy, blasphemy.
The other realm...
If I don’t think about the other realm, what will happen?
‘I believe in God, His angels, His Books, His Prophets, the Hereafter, the Divine Destiny, that the good and evil are created by God, and the Resurrection.
I testify that there is no deity but God, and I testify that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger’.
Whether it is formal or informal, you hear these words being said every day in mosques by imams, they are expressed as a tradition and you hear it.
Fear God, at least fear God; shame on you, and don’t utter those words.
However, he appears to be a Muslim and says, ‘We are going to bring this system into line with an Islamic system,’ but this is what he is.
‘You are thinking way too far ahead.’
These are today’s miserable ‘morning’ kids.
Not noon, or afternoon, not the evening, not at all tomorrow and nor the Hereafter; they have nothing to do with it.
They have planned their whole lives around the worldly.
‘If I act this way, think this way, and present myself in a certain way, what can I gain?’ This is the way they look at it.
Therefore, this time Satan is approaching from the front.
Sometimes, Satan comes from behind.
‘The past and the future is all a fairy tale; have fun, don’t ruin your life.’
And this makes the past irrelevant for you.
Whereas the past is a seedbed, it is the faculty of flourishing, the future unfolds only in its presence; with such a mindset historical awareness will be attained, by God’s leave and beneficence, you can recover your sublime feelings and grand purpose in life, you can experience a resurrection, and let others experience it.
Satan approaches from behind.
And in ways that you do not know, Satan can also come from above, can damage your neurons; can bring about things that you do not know, and can cause confusion.
Satan can bring about such shocking things.
And sometimes Satan approaches from below.
Approaching from below is an unimaginable thing; it can bring one upside down in unknown ways.
Against this the Pride of Humanity states, and suggests that we all say at least in the morning and evening the following:
‘My God, conceal my shameful acts and safeguard me against my fears.’
My God, protect me from all the dangers that approach from front and behind, from my right and left, from above, and I take refuge in Your might from being destroyed from under my feet.
Think about it.
Before reciting the Word of God, he Qur’an, we say, ‘I would like to begin reading Your words by first seeking refuge in You from the stoned one, from the one whom You have expelled, I seek protection from Satan’s evil.’
Lastly, alongside seeking God’s refuge against Satan, we must also seek God’s refuge from politicians who have made everything a tool of politics.
It is the perfect time for this.
‘I seek God’s refuge from the evils of Satan and politics.
I seek God’s refuge from the evils of Satan and politics.
I seek God’s refuge from the evils of Satan and politics.’
This will suffice you.
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