Trials in times of misfortune

‘The vines are broke, the gardener laments, autumn is torment to the roses,
The sorrow that withers the leaves on a summer day is torment.
The enemies are enemies, that’s fine, and I understand that
The soul is torment, the beloved is torment, your everyday companion is torment.’

The enemy’s hostility is not a problem; the disloyalty of friends is torment.

Yet, these torments aren’t for nothing.

The root of the words ‘azab’ (torment) and ‘azb’ (sweet, gentle, nice and pleasure) is the same.

The torments experienced here will be the means for immense pleasure in the Hereafter.

Yes, those torments will transform into pleasure for you and become torment for others.

We say ‘you’; because we see ourselves in the back rows, hiding our heads in the crowd in the Hereafter, hoping that a wave of mercy and favour washes over us as well, hoping that we hear, ‘You can also pass’, and we make our way in.

The voice inside of me...

I have always said this; and will always say this as long as I live; because this is what I think.

Acting and speaking in a contrary manner to one’s thoughts is hypocrisy.

Yesterday one is different, today one is different; the heart is different, the tongue is different; clearly that is hypocrisy.

And as this era is the era of hypocrisy, hypocrisy is prevailing exceedingly.

They pretend to be together with you while praying, they pretend to fast, and they hop around the Ka’ba as if circumambulating it.

They will go to the presence of the noble Prophet and act like his servants.

They dress in Islamic attire.

And thus, you believe them since you to act according the principle of good assumption.

How can you not have good assumptions of people when the Prophet said, ‘Good assumption is the best of worship’.

And in your good assumptions of them you thought, ‘Could we be as they are?’

They, however, used these good assumptions against you for their own benefit.

By legitimising their tyranny, they fall into depravedness, commit every evil; leaving nothing for Satan to do; almost as if saying to him, ‘You have nothing left to do here’.

Because this era, is the era of Sufyan; many Sufyan’s come after another, and in a sense are the followers of Dajjal.

At the End of Times, thirty or so Dajjals will appear.

Some will appear based on the environment and conjecture of the day.

In this time, those Dajjals will use Islam as tool, as the public will follow Islam in an ignorant and herd like manner, without research or reason.

When you look at different Hadith and biography books, you will come across these exact descriptions of the end of time in the expressions of the noble Prophet.

You will say, ‘Amazing!

These descriptions are so accurate’.

Today’s Pharaohs and Dajjals are present in temples; circling at the Ka’ba; they are present at predawn meals and fast breaking dinners, even if it’s uncertain whether they are fasting.

They look like they are praying, but God knows if they are in His presence or not.

However, whatever they do will be trickery.

They are from the ranks of Sufyan.

We have seen so many of them to this day.

Who knows how many of them we will witness in the future.

May God bestow foresight on us.

May He let us discern and comprehend the truth.

We have been deceived so many times, may He let us never be deceived again.

The All-Guiding, may He be glorified and exalted.

O my Lord that gives true guidance!

May You guide us to the Straight Path.

May You protect us from all kinds of deception and protect us from being of those who incur Your wrath and from being those who are led astray.

This will suffice you.

While those who fail against Satan for the fleeting beauty and worldly indulgences keep saying, ‘Isn’t there more?’ here, the true servants of God are running towards such a realm full of surprises that even after witnessing the vision of God, they may say, ‘Isn’t there more?’

Now, Satan considers everything.

Sufyans are actually Satan’s number one apprentices.

Satan evaluates the state of the spirit of everyone.

For example, when people increase in wealth and richness, Satan thinks, ‘What should I make of this now?

I will make them say, “Isn’t there more” like Korah.’

‘Korah showed off before his people in all his pomp.

Those who cared only for the life of this world said: “Ah, if we but had the like of what Korah has been given! Indeed, he is one of tremendous good fortune!” (Al-Qasas, 28:79).

Korah tricked people with his reign, splendor, extravagance, and caravans. Herds of people said, ‘We wish we had those.’

The people of knowledge say, ‘Seek refuge in God, that is nothing.’

Because they can see the end:

‘Then We caused the earth to swallow him and his dwelling.

There was then no host to help him against God, nor (for all his possessions) was he himself able to come to his own aid’ (Al-Qasas 28.81).

The people of knowledge comprehended this with their heart and knowledge.

Satan, at a certain time will enlarge the desire of people and make them say, ‘Isn’t there more?’

If he builds a palace in some place, Satan will say, ‘Build one more in another city.’

For example, ‘There is one in Cairo, why can’t we have one somewhere else on the Nile?’

The Amenophis’, Rameses’ and Ibn Shams built giant pyramids there, why can’t I have a luxurious villa there?

As Pharaoh said, ‘The Nile is flowing before my feet, why can’t I have a fleet?’

It will make one say, ‘Why can’t I have a caravan that will carry all the things that I stole?’

Satan will test one with wealth in this way

Just as genuine Muslims ask, ‘Isn’t there more?’ in the name of religion and developing in religiosity, in the name of deepening one’s knowledge in understanding the Divine Names and Attributes to reach a horizon leading to genuine love and ardent longing for God.

When they are near the Prophet, when they are mesmerised for love of the Prophet, coloured by the spiritual hues of being in his presence; in a moment they start to see themselves to be like the noble Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman and Ali (may God be pleased with them).

Even when they’ve tasted all that, they will still say, ‘Isn’t there more?’

Bediüzzaman comments on ‘Isn’t there more?’ in his treatise The Supreme Sign.

I am assuming such people say this, after witnessing the beauty and perfection of God.

Because He is limitless and without end.

‘His is all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth’..... ‘He knows what lies before them and what lies after them (what lies in their future and in their past, what is known to them and what is hidden from them); and they do not comprehend anything of His Knowledge save what He wills’ (Al-Baqarah, 2:255).

Therefore, in this sense, they head towards this limitless knowledge and when they witness God’s beauty there, they will say, ‘My Lord, just a little more’.

‘My Lord, just a little more’.

‘My Lord, just a little more’.

It is impossible to comprehend God’s true nature and essence.

God’s beauty, when He unveils himself, will transcend human comprehension and cause a loss of consciousness.

As mentioned in Bad’ al-Amali,

‘Believers, will perceive Him without or beyond any manner and measure.’

It is not possible to exemplify this.

But when they see Him, they will forget about all the splendors of Paradise.

‘May frustration be upon those Mutazilites who claim God cannot be seen’.

When they do see Him, they will faint; and forget the splendors of Paradise; their servants and their spouses, whether the Nile flows over their feet, whether boats floated by, their palaces; they will forget everything.

In contrast to the believers saying, ‘Isn’t there more?’ on the path of being pleased with God and pleasing to Him, enthusiasm, and yearning for reunion with God, those who have been caught up in the world, let themselves go on the tides of wealth, most will never have a chance to return to the truth.

In their eyes, all the shores will be wiped out.

For material things they will say, ‘Isn’t there more, isn’t there more, isn’t there more?’ May God protect us; they will drift till they drown.

Again, in the words of my poet friend,

‘I have set sail in the ocean of rebellion

It does not let me reach the shore.’

They set sail to the ocean of rebellion with such wealth, that this desire will not let them touch the shore.

The are many traps and games of Satan, together with his accomplices, they will try to deceive some with wealth, some with power, and some with lustful desires.

Some will be consumed by power and authority; wherever they go they will expect the crowds to cheer them on.

If one is accompanied by an escort he will say, ‘Well, why not two?’

When he travels from place to place, he will think, ‘Let them see me in grandeur’.

And this is, in essence, ‘the insanity of position’, ‘the poisoning of position’.

‘Let there be two; no, two won’t work either, let there be three; let there be twenty, thirty!

When they see me enter into the mosque, let them see my convoy of cars, let those who look, glance again; let them be overwhelmed.

Let them see how to be overwhelmed.’

And right then, Satan will use the poisoning of power and strength.

Sometimes, it will be like that.

Sometimes the door of lustful desires will open for a person.

Firstly, from the lines of a hadith, the eye glances, and the foot takes a step forward, the hand reaches, and then the obscene and abominable act committed.

And once it occurs...

Just as a person who lies once will always be untruthful.

Indeed, perhaps you witnessed the lies of some, hundreds of times or more.

A person who slanders once will slander a thousand times thereafter.

A person who has fallen into a life of fancies will fall into that fifty more times, may God protect us from it.

This time, Satan will catch them in their vulnerable state.

‘Satan’ is not a creature who can tempt those with strong characters and pester them.

If he approached the Prophet, and tried to attack him, the Pride of Humanity would bring him down with one strike.

Because he has such an immune system that such a virus cannot impact him.

But when we are talking about weak people such as us, may God protect us, if the eye deviates once, if the feet misstep once, if the hand reaches out once, if an obscene act is committed, then why can it not happen again?

Why not three times?

Why not four times?

This time he will use this weakness.

See Satan has many ways.

I have indicated three examples to demonstrate the many tricks.

If I push myself further, I can draw on ten examples. With your leave.

Now there is also a need for him to make use of the times of misfortune.

God, may He be glorified and exalted, gives us a misfortune.

Under ordinary conditions, there might be causes and drives for the occurrence of this misfortune.

For instance, you might not have been able to always make use of bounties that He granted you by thanking Him.

You might not have been able to show gratitude and due praise for Him in response to the bounties that reached you.

I saw these sayings of Bediüzzaman for the first time appearing there (on the electronic board); ‘Worship of God is not an act through which to demand a Divine reward in the future, but rather the necessary result of a past Divine favor.

He says, ‘Yes, we have received our reward.’

‘The bounties of the world are similar to poisonous honey; they have pleasure that comes together with pain.’

‘This world is neither the abode of pleasure nor the abode of profit, it is only an abode of service.’

God, may He be glorified and exalted, honoured us with various beauties, however were we able to show proper gratitude and due praise to Him?

Each one of us should evaluate this issue from his/her own perspective.

I need to assess this from my own perspective.

If we say, ‘Osman thinks this way. Did Ahmet even think about? Did Cemal think this way? Did Celal think this way?’

All these questions are sinful suspicions.

Yes, if our mission and duty is to have suspicion, we should direct this feeling of suspicion towards ourselves.

‘I wonder if this behaviour of mine was a deviation?

I bowed and I felt so spiritual, I screamed such a ‘Subhanallah!’ that it formed a synergy and impact in the rows of people who were praying.’

However I wonder if my carnal desires were also involved in this?

O my ungrateful soul, you might be involved in this!’

Even in the most positive things that could inspire us or make us soar, we should take the precaution and say, ‘I wonder if there's something fishy going on?’

We should do this for ourselves.

On the other hand, when we see another person doing the least bit of good, we should say, ‘Look, he does such great things.

God would not let him down.’

This is how we should consider others’ acts.

Now, from my perspective, I have always seen myself as a simple man.

You know this already; if I ask you, you will say that I have already repeated this 50 to 100 times until now.

This is a bounty that God favoured to me.

Thousands and hundred thousands of people, from the innocent public to those educated have said: ‘Man, this is the right road, this is the Prophetic road.’

What constitutes this road?

Opening up to the world through education.

Declaring war against poverty.

Declaring war against disunity.

Declaring war against ignorance.

Look, this is such a logical thing that no one on earth can say ‘No’.

Therefore, naturally, there is a good assumption and love towards you; you are accepted everywhere you go.

God allows you to have successful roles in very important services.

If you quietly think and say, ‘I did this’, may God protect us from it, He will warn you, He will slap on you neck and make one of the Suyfans strive to hurt you.

‘Beware and guard yourselves against a trial that will surely not smite exclusively those among you who are engaged in wrongdoing’ (Al-Anfal, 8:25).

As a consequence, many innocent ones may also suffer.

The Qur’an says:

‘Beware and guard yourselves against a trial that will surely not smite exclusively those among you who are engaged in wrongdoing;

and know that God is severe in retribution’ (Al-Anfal 8:25).

Fear such trial, such a test, such an inquisition that when it arrives, it is not restricted to just the transgressors, but causes many innocent ones to also suffer.

The ones who have rebelled have already rebelled; earthquakes occur, fault lines crack.

The humble die there as martyrs.

Oppressors, traitors, Sufyans and apprentices of Sufyans also die, but the word ‘die’ is not used for them. They are forever obliterated...

God, may he be glorified and exalted, granted this.

‘Was it us who achieved this, pioneered efforts in this many countries?’

Who are we to make any such claim?

If God had not guided you on this path,

If He had not put these notions in your mind,

If He had not supported you with others who had the means to support you,

If He had not allowed you to be welcomed and received positively amongst individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds in many different parts of the world,

If these were not the case, how could you achieve any of this?

This means that behind any of these achievements, there are perhaps 20 or 30 different causes and preconditions.

There is an all evident Divine Power, an All-Encompassing Will, an All-Inclusive Knowledge that reigns over and has complete control over all of these.

Then, considering all of this, we needed to say, ‘All praise and thanks are for God for every state, save unbelief and misguidance’.

It is because we did not/are not saying this; we may experience a misfortune like a slap.

This is one consideration.

A second consideration is this:

Given the opportunities we had, could we not have strived further, lead our horses further, went faster, and covered more ground?

For instance, instead of working 8 hours a day, could we not have worked 18-hour days?

Could we not have made those 20 hours?

Four hours should be sufficient for rest in a day; could we not have worked for 20 hours a day?

If we had done 20 hour days, we could have been in 340 countries, not 170, by God’s permission.

He would have granted this. It was 170, but He could have granted 340.

But we could not utilise our resources and opportunities efficiently. And this is called wastefulness of time and resources.

And because of this, we may be subject to a slight chastisement.

As a result, He may have dealt a blow, a general blow, and those who have been doing justice to their responsibilities receive a share of that blow with all the others.

I wonder if when we had opportunity, like when we had TV channels and newspapers.

For example, this newspaper circulation reached one million people; couldn’t we have made it two million people?

And couldn’t the contents of that newspaper reflect the voices of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali, may God be pleased with them?

You were publishing a journal; scientific, in one way, and literary, but also a commentary on the creative commands alongside religious commands.

In terms of quality and content, couldn’t we have made it a more efficient element of our mission for service?

It looks like we have not been able to these things because Almighty God has made tyrants, assaulters, and oppressors pester you; made them crush you with their attacks and oppression.

Those wrongdoers seized everything and destroyed and obliterated it.

As a result we were disciplined on a collective level.

Perhaps in regards to these matters, inadequate effort and use of opportunities or not seeing these blessings as Divine gifts and being grateful can be considered to be one of Satan’s lights, ‘oppressive lights’, or the best word to describe it would be ‘evil impulses’.

In regards to this, Satan might have tempted us to neglect our duties and we might have done so with his evil suggestions.

This is how we should see this situation.

Satan sees times of misfortunes as seasons of opportunities and will devise custom strategies to mislead people.

On the other hand, we are facing calamities and at times like these there may be accusations.

Accusations exist in law and are a part of the Islamic justice system.

When people are pressured, they accuse other people.

I witnessed this in different places, when we were imprisoned our closest friends were saying, ‘I swear I had no knowledge of these things, this man taught me everything’.

Trying to come clean by accusing other people... May God protect us from this grave mistake.

Now Satan will evaluate this and use it.

‘If this happened, this wouldn’t have happened.

Or if that happened, this wouldn’t have happened.

Wrongs were committed; people should put up even with Amenophis.

If they had put up with Julius Caesar, they could have used his power for their goals.

These types of accusations are to get out of responsibility.

And if some people are encouraging these sorts of actions, ‘Don’t you ever be seen with them.

Don’t appear in photos together.

Wriggle out; try to wriggle out of this situation.

The world is a place of pleasure!

Focus on the pleasures of the world!

The world is a place of remuneration, focus on that!’ There are millions of people that Satan can trick like this as they have weak immune systems.

How so?

Their immune systems have not been strengthened with belief in God, knowledge of God, love of God and the longing for reunion with God.

Namely, a very small virus or germ can devastate them as their immune systems are weak.

They may topple in the face of a breeze.

If they topple at the sign of a breeze, God forbid, they will be uprooted in the face of a storm, tornado or a hurricane.

The slanderers who say, ‘Never again, I vow not be with these people ever again’ can commit unforgivable crimes.

Now Satan might say, ‘This is a good opportunity to provoke blame-shifting among those people’.

I already have some tools in my hands, such as evil suggestions, I must use this and add fuel to that fire.

I must push them to accuse each other and say, ‘This all happened because of you’.

I must provoke them to say things that seem logical, such as, couldn’t we have convinced two or three of these Sufyans to avoid the current situation?

Couldn’t we have done some of the things we did under their names?

In some instances, couldn’t we have given them one or two fleets?

Couldn’t have we symbolised their names in a couple of places?

Satan will whisper.

I know him, that cursed one.

Satan is so professional that it even tricked Prophet Adam, the Pure one of God into an insignificant sin.

The scriptwriter’s of Hollywood are nothing when compared to Satan.

Since the time of Prophet Adam, constant acts of evil have allowed Satan to become very good and efficient at what it does.

Satan will say, ‘I can make the most of the current situation.

How can I make the most of this?

This time, these people have become subject to injustice, abandoning, conviction, aggrievedness, deprivation, and abasement (or being broken-hearted).

Since they have become subject to such things, let me provoke them against their friends, especially their elders and leaders.

I must constantly provoke them and get them to speak against their elders and leaders’ etc.

It can make the most of such a situation, may God forbid.

Look, do not have a single doubt; Satan can deal with different situations in many different ways.

Satan uses specific arguments to persuade the leaders, the herd-like followers, and the people on the way to the Ultimate Truth and the path of the Prophets to do things he desires them to do.

That is Satan; he can use many tools.

Transient storms have never been able to shake the spirits devoted to the path of Truth and it mustn't shake them in the future. Their constant recitation must be, “Hold me o Lord, hold me by the hand, for I cannot do without You.”

Then, this is what falls on the shoulders of genuine believers:

Neither Ammar ibn Yasir nor Bilal al-Habashi, may God be pleased with all the Companions, neither of them surrendered when they were exposed to various calamities.

The number of Qur’anic verses revealed at that time was five to ten; the Prophethood of the Pride of Humanity had yet to be heard and felt at a profound level.

But they didn’t give up their beliefs under those heavy stones nor in that hot desert.

There had been people whose brains had boiled in the desert heat, and they had lost their general stability.

God has protected them.

Like the crucifixion.

I haven’t encountered people who accuse each other in such situations in the in the Books of Tradition, Prophet’s Biographies, or in the books on the military campaigns of the Prophet.

I do not know anyone who has said, ‘We wouldn’t be in this situation if you hadn’t come and pushed us into this path.

Father and mother, if you hadn’t believed it, I wouldn’t be exposed to such things either.

O my master, if you hadn’t believed it, I wouldn’t have converted and join this path; I wouldn’t have faced all this!’

There were one or two apostates.

Ibn Akhtal, for instance.

However, he could not digest faith; he probably had different expectations in the Luminous City and in the sheltering presence of the Messengership.

He knew how to speak, how to write devilish poems, how to captivatingly voice them and how to talk in a heavenly manner.

For instance, he probably thought, ‘I am a wise person.

Why don’t I get compliments like Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali?’

As a matter of fact, the Messenger of God used to compliment everyone.

When Jarir al-Bajali arrived, no one knew him; the noble Prophet would immediately place his own robe from his blessed back under him, invite him and say to the others, ‘Be generous to this generous man.’



The Messenger of God has never offended anyone nor did he have the attitude and the behavior of driving people to false expectations.

But that Ibn Akhtal probably had different expectations; he renounced.

This time, he used his devilish powers with the polytheists against our noble Prophet, emigrants, and Muslims in Mecca.

In fact, some of them hadn’t completely believed; some of them remained in purgatory.

Once the apostasy events, the incidents of Musaylima the Liar and Sajah and the eight following ones, may God protect us from it, some of them joined these events.

They remained in purgatory, in the middle; they were looking this way and that way.

Just like those who are in purgatory nowadays, they make their calculations accordingly and say, ‘Whose side should we be on now so that we can be in possession of mansions?’

It is a very different calculation.

You cannot place this anywhere in analytical thought, these are the actions of geniuses.

Those who are at the limbo.

Those are also the ones who experienced severe tremors.

And I think, these people, who are at this limbo, are confusing some other people in certain places.

They have some possibilities and opportunities at their disposal, and also some egotism.

For example if they have a career somewhere...

In fact, there are some that have not had careers like that but have dedicated their lives to God.

‘The Beloved wants my life; it would not be appropriate to not give it, O my heart!

I will not quarrel, it is neither yours nor mine.’

‘If God wants my life, then I will happily give it.

What’s the big deal about life, to prevent me from sacrificing it for God.’

Fuzuli, may your soul be beautified!

This is what they said, those who galloped on this path.

‘Don’t forget about us!’

Ibn Akhtal's consideration: ‘Don’t forget us!’ May God protect us from this.

These, will produce ill intentions.

There will be people that will be influenced by these Satanic impulses.

Then, what falls on the people who have put their hearts and souls into this task, who dedicated themselves to this cause, is to be firm on their path.

Since the Pride of Humanity, peace and blessings be upon him, as it has been mentioned in the article ‘Heart’, made this particular invocation, maybe 100 times in a day:

‘O Changer of the hearts (the hearts which naturally have the characteristic of being able to change).

Make my heart firm on faith.’

‘O Changer of the hearts!

Make our hearts be inclined to worship.

Be our friend, and our helper.’

Another of his invocations; ‘O All-Living and All-Subsisting One!

I ask You of this while seeking refuge in Your Mercy.

Do not leave me with my carnal soul for the blink of an eye.

(This is the blink of an eye.)

Don’t leave me with myself, or alone with my carnal soul for even less time than this.’

Even less than that.

In a weak narration, ‘O God, don’t leave me alone with anyone from the community for this amount of time.’

Yes, ‘Hold me from my hand, O God!

Hold me from my hand since I cannot do without You!’ With this consideration, one should turn to God and do everything they can to not be shaken.

By enlightening the nights with the Night Vigil and using every opportunity during the day to engage in talk of the Beloved, one should nourish themselves spiritually; be a source of hope, relief, and morale to our friends.

If some people have missed the Night Vigil till this day, they should now not neglect it.

‘For heedless you will be (of God) with others in the day,

Leave the heedlessness; be ashamed of God at nights.

Eat little, sleep little, attain amazement, and become annihilated in Him,

Find God, be a host to Him at nights.’

I have expressed this saying from Ibrahim Haqqi with a few minor changes.

The dark of the night, essentially, is your moment of illumination; because there is One Who is closer to you than your own jugular vein and sees everything in the dark of night.

When you prostrate your head to the floor and pour your heart out, then He, in the expression of the hadith, ‘descends every night to the lowest heaven.’ The word ‘descends’ has a metaphorical meaning here.

‘He descends to the lowest heaven (of the world):

Is there not anybody who seeks forgiveness and pardon, supplicates?’

It is as if you are, in that state, making supplication and seeking forgiveness, saying ‘O my Lord!’ with that expectation; in relation to that matter, to ‘His sacred expectation’, let us call it, you are responding to ‘His sacred expectation’:

you are saying, ‘I am here, O Lord!’

At night, you are leaving your soft and comfortable mattresses.

‘Their sides forsake their beds at night, calling out to their Lord in fear (of His punishment) and hope (for His forgiveness, grace, and good pleasure)’ (As-Sajdah, 32:16)

To leave that warm mattress, that warm blanket, to leave behind their warm partners and arise in the dark of the night in complete devotion on their Prayer rug.

To place their head in prostration.

To supplicate all of your worries and burdens to God and say, ‘My Lord, do not shift us away one step, we are dependent on only You’, to beg and cry.

This is the first.

The second thing is when we come together in places like this (not like my babbling but in the context of the content being spoken about) we need to rehabilitate one another.

We need to strengthen the immune systems.

We need to increase the spiritual power we possess.

We need to change the topic to the talk of the Beloved.

We must connect the topic to God, to His Messenger, to Abu Bakr, to Umar, to Uthman to Ali, to all respected Companions, and to the great Prophets.

Think about the great Messengers mentioned in the Qur’an, where they are described in maybe one hundred different places and styles.

Thus, there are different positions; each description is a prescription in this manner.

God states: ‘O My Most Beloved!

As you are the leader, I am telling you the matter, similar to an idiom where a mother speaks to her daughter but actually wishes the bride listens, ‘Those behind you should understand’.

Since they are standing behind you in utter devotion, I am telling you, but they should understand, My words are for them’, He is saying, aiming to renew us. God, may He be glorified and exalted, is constantly rehabilitating them.

In relation to repetition in the Qur’an, one must look at the statements of Bediüzzaman.

The Orientalists use repetition in the Qur’an as a criticism, however Bediüzzaman considers the matter of repetition in the Qur’an as a separate miracle, a wonder; he presents it as a gift and grace of God to humans.

Yes, wherever we sit and stand, we must constantly join hands in order to rehabilitate people, increase morale and increase our spiritual power with God’s permission and grace.

Do not be angry, do not clench your fist in rage and swing your arms around. In those situations Satan makes such good use of that opportunity. We have to look at those situations and say, ‘I must make use if this opportunity at this moment’, and do exactly that.

I would also like to express my humble opinion here:

This simple man has twenty different diseases; yes, twenty.

However as you can see, I am here speaking as though nothing is wrong with me.

You might think, ‘This man speaks as though he is just twenty years old’, but I am in fact four times that.

And I do not know a single thing from the pleasures of this world till this age.

My entire life has been full of hardship.

When I was a student, it was like that. Throughout the coups, as well... Every time a coup happened, it ran over me like the treads of a tank.

Against all odds, I am here as you can see.


This is not by my ‘spiritual power’, or the strength of my immune system.

But, I have no right to break your spiritual strength down.

Through the consent and beneficence of God, I am here trying to give the right of my willpower as best as I can in my attempts to give you morale.

May Almighty God bless you with its reality.

I will work to keep your morale high, by God’s permission and grace.

And until God Almighty decides to take back the spirit that He has entrusted in me, I am resolute to maintain this attitude.

May God Almighty not make me fail in all that I say, do, and think.


May He not let those walking on His path fail.

He will not; just as He has not till now, may He not from now also.

‘O God, the Changer of the hearts!

Bind my heart to Your religion!

O my Lord, Who molds the hearts from shape to shape! Direct our hearts to worship and submission to You.

O the Living, O the Self-Subsistent, in respect of Your mercy we beg for Your help. Rectify all of our states and do not leave us to ourselves even for the blink of an eye, or for even less than that.

Do not leave us in the merciless hands of any of Your creation; politicians, civilians, law enforcement officials, or any of Satan’s assistants.

O our Lord, we ask from Your Divine Court, to send peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad, whom we see as the primary means by which our prayers find acceptance, and upon the purest of the pure family members and Companions of the Prophet.

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