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We all should be reminding people what it means to be human and live side by side

Against all odds whatsoever, we must do whatever is in our power to once again call on people to find their humanity.

Like in the words attributed to Rumi, we must say, "Baza baza, her ançi hesti baza".

'Come, come, whoever you are, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times.'

We must organize parades and all sorts of activities centered around this mission.

We must remind our fellow human beings what it means to be human. We must develop and strengthen the art and culture of living side by side.

We must do this not only with “others” but also within our communities.

This may be seen as a modern day version of giving good advice.

In other words, if you can prevent an evil with your hands, do it; if you cannot, then speak up against it; if not, then at least dissociate your heart from it.

It is as if you say in your heart “I would never imagine such an inappropriate action coming from someone like you.”

“that you would dirty yourself with such foul words, action, attitude and behavior; this does not befit you at all.. I would have expected differently from you” At least keep these words of disapproval in your heart.

If you can do it, say it directly; or even much better if you could take by their hands and keep them away from harm..

Albeit, there are some scholars who would argue that the act of “taking by the hand,” and prevention of harm would be the duty of the state.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said "Whomever among you sees an evil, then let him stop it with his hand. Whomever is not able, then with his tongue, and whomever is not able, then with his heart. That is the weakest of faith."

There are three stages set before us in this Prophetic tradition: if one fails to even emotionally detach oneself from evils by thinking, for example, 'what a pity and disappointment to witness such evil acts.' – and saying this much is the weakest degree of faith. Imagine the lack of such a detachment.

Then, that means that faith, even in its weakest degree, is not there.

This is a primary duty that has to be taken care of, and a solution must be offered to humanity.

We are calling on every one to once again become human.

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