Where do the students that graduate from the secondary schools (i.e., high schools), continue their education?

Fethullah Gülen

It is not possible to make a generalization on this issue. But of course, in terms of majority, the graduating students have been enrolled in universities in various cities; some others prefer the universities abroad. Starting with their countries, having undergraduate studies in Turkey and the prestigious universities of the world, those who could finish the graduate studies, later return to their own countries.[1]

An implicit aim is detected in Fethullah Gülen’s mention that students “later return to their own countries.” It is known that many of the students, who study abroad, prefer to remain in the country where they studies, if the circumstances warrant it. But it is reasonable to assume that the movement encourages the students to have a fondness for their own country and return to it, in order serve their own society. Some of those returning are employed in the movement’s schools, the number of which is steadily increasing, or in businesses and the fields of investments. It is possible to say that the power and strength of the movement comes from the fact that it gives support to talented students from childhood until they have a career and, in turn, they remain with the movement.

[1] Exclusive answer delivered to Doğu Ergil.

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