01.01.1997Answered Mr. Tuncay Ozkan's variety of questions posed on the subject of Susurluk scandal on television channel Kanal D.
17.01.1997Personally attended to the wake of Mahmut Bayram.
27.01.1997Attended Iftar dinner at the Foundation of Journalists & Writers.
30.01.1997Gave a press briefing on his speech at the Foundation of Journalists & Writers.
30.01.1997Personally attended the wake of his uncle Mr. Nurettin Gülen who passed on in Erzurum.
23.02.1997Received an award from the Foundations of Workers and Artists.
04.03.1997Went for a yearly physical at the American Hospital of Istanbul.
15.03.1997Personally attended the wake of Mr. Kemal Erimez.
29.03.1997Was a guest at the television station STV's "News Critique" program.
08.04.1997Attended the wake of Mr. Alpaslan Turkes of the president of Nationalist Movement Party.
16.04.1997At an interview with Mr. Yalcin Dogan, of television channel kanal D answered questions on various subjects.
03.05.1997At an interview with Mr. Yalcin Dogan, of television channel kanal D answered and clarified certain accusations leveled against him.
27.05.1997At a press briefing answered questions and clarified subject matter regarding the decisions of the high military commission pertaining to him.
30.05.1997Answered the questions of the Time Magazine regarding political developments in Turkey.
10.08.1997Received an invitation from the Russian literary writers.
11.08.1997Answered questions of Mr. Hakan Yavuz of newspaper Milliyet, on politics and Islam.
31.08.1997Answered questions of Ms. Yasemin Congar of the newspaper, Milliyet, on the political developments in Turkey.
01.09.1997Gave a critical analysis of the political and social crisis of February 28 in Turkey.
03.09.1997Answered questions on the subject of the southeast matter. (Turkish government's more than fifteen-year-old struggle with the PKK terrorists)
04.09.1997Answered the questions of Mr. Ali Aslan of the newspaper, Zaman, regarding the subject of the West and nationalism.
19.09.1997Met with Cardinal O'Connor in the United States.
30.09.1997Returned to Turkey from the United States where he had been for the purposes of medical treatment.
21.11.1997Received an award on his contributions to education from the Union for Turkish Education.
21.11.1997Received a visit from George Marovitch, the representative of Vatican to Istanbul of Turkey and associates.
23.11.1997Personally attended the wake of Mr. Bayram Yuksel.
12.12.1997Gave a press briefing regarding the decisions of the High Military Commission with regard to matters pertaining to him.
25.12.1997Attended the gathering arranged by the Foundation of Journalists and Writers.
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