06.01.1998Answered questions of Mr. Mehmet Ali Briand, a famous journalist at a program, 32nd Day.
21.01.1998Answered questions of Ms. Ozcan Ercan of newspaper Milliyet on the subject of woman.
22.01.1998Attended and broke fast with the Alarko group owned by Uzeyir Garih and Ishak Alaton, leading members of the Jewish Community in Turkey.
23.01.1998Received a message from John Paul II for the Ramadan Holiday.
29.01.1998A message is broadcasted in honor of the Ramadan Holiday.
03.02.1998Attended the program arranged by the Foundation of Writers and Journalists for the holidays.
04.02.1998Before visiting to the Vatican, he met with Prime Minister, Mr. Bulent Ecevit.
09.02.1998Visited and had a meeting with Pope John Paul II.
14.02.1998Gave a press briefing concerning his visit to the Pope.
25.02.1998Met with the head Rabbi Eliyahu Bakhsi Doron, religious leader of the Jews.
27.02.1998Attended a question and answer session of television station NTV with hosts Cengiz Candar and Taha Akyol.
07.03.1998Attended the Celestial Meeting of Religions.
19.03.1998Personally attended the wake of Mr. Sezer Tansug, a famous art critic.
28.03.1998Received an award from the Turk 2000 Foundation for his contributions to Turkish Culture.
05.04.1998Answered questions on current events by Ms. Ozcan Ercan of the newspaper daily Milliyet.
18.04.1998Received an award from the Turk Ocaklari Foundation.
06.05.1998Gave an interview to the Russian television station ORT.
18.05.1998Gave an interview to the Italian newspaper journalists on his meeting with the Pope.
06.06.1998Gave an interview to the Aksiyon Magazine regarding certain allegations against him.
21.06.1998Gave an interview to Mr. Avni Ozgurel of the daily newspaper Radikal.
05.07.1998Received an award from the Silk Road Foundation.
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