12.02.2000Gave an analysis concerning the Hisbullah Terrorism.
13.04.2000Sent a message to the Symposium of Judaic Religions being held at Harran.
03.08.2000DGM's District Attorney in Ankara requested an arrest warrant on behalf of Mr. Fethullah Gülen.
07.08.2000The court turned down the warrant request.
11.08.2000A new request for an arrest warrant has been issued.
12.08.2000Mr. Gülen's attorneys released a press briefing on arrest warrant.
18.08.2000Mr. Gülen's attorneys opposed the arrest warrant.
23.08.2000Mr. Gülen's case has been transferred from Ankara to the Istanbul DGM court.
28.08.2000The DGM court in Istanbul dismissed the arrest warrant.
29.08.2000Mr. Gülen's case has been again transferred to Ankara DGM.
31.08.2000The DGM district attorney again opened the case against Mr. Gülen.
16.10.2000The case against Mr. Gülen began in Ankara DGM court.
04.12.2000The second session of the trial took place.
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