14.01.1999Gave an interview to Mr. Necdet Acan of magazine Aktuel about the issues of education.
19.01.1999Broadcasted a message about the Ramadan Holiday.
02.02.1999Broadcasted a sympathetic message concerning the passing away of musician Mr. Baris Manco.
03.02.1999Attended the wake of Mr. Baris Manco and commented, concerning the late musician, "he was the true voice of the land".
06.03.1999Broadcasted a get-well message to the governor of Cankiri Mr. Ayhan Cevik.
17.03.1999Sent a message to the day of mourning for the fallen soldiers.
21.03.1999Went to the United States for medical treatment of an ailment.
11.04.1999Broadcasted a sympathetic message for the passing on of President of Kyrgizistan Mr. Cumabek Ibrahimov.
06.06.1999Broadcasted a sympathetic message for the fallen Turkish soldiers in Northern Iraq.
09.06.1999Arranged a press conference and a briefing with regard to the issues of eavesdropping by the police department; known collectively as TeleEar Scandal at Police Dept and other alleged matters.
22.06.1999Answered Mr. Reha Muhtar's questions concerning the so-called cassette conspiracy.
01.12.1999Sent a message to the Religions of the World Parliament meeting in Cape Town of South Africa.
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