How are the different parts of the Gülen Movement connected?

Fethullah Gülen

The institutions and service projects are formally independent of one another; however, they are informed of each other's activities through networks of volunteers and professionals who set a good example for one another, and provide alternative perspectives and forums that can be emulated or improved on by others.

The various SMOs which comprise the collective actor of the Gülen Movement are autonomous because they work within the limits allowed by the law and the System; they are independent because of their interaction, exchange and benefiting from collective outcomes, and recognizing these as their own and being recognized by others as such.

Because individuals or service-groups are connected by interdependent relationships, any variation in one element has effects on all the others in the Movement. There are mutual relationships which are negotiated, and institutionalized relationships which are contractual. Participants and networks use their cumulative experience to adapt, negotiate, devise strategies, restructure the field of activities in which they are active, and adjust future projects and ways of carrying them out.

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